the sparkly life: Why I'm Nervous Right Now (a.k.a An Introvert Newbie Heads Off to BlogHer)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why I'm Nervous Right Now (a.k.a An Introvert Newbie Heads Off to BlogHer)

My new "mom-slash-beauty-editor" business cards

Eek! I leave tomorrow for my first-ever blog conference! Yep, I'm heading out west to San Jose, CA for BlogHer '14. I am so excited--I can't wait to learn and network and talk all things digital for a few days. 

But here's the truth: I'm also kind of nervous. I know exactly zero people attending! Well, unless you count Robin of The Balanced Life, who I "know" entirely through Instagram. (Hi Robin!) I'm what BlogHer-goers affectionately refer to as a "newbie."

And now here I am, heading off to a couple of days jam-packed full of parties and events and meetings, and I don't know a soul. Hence the nerves.

See, I like to fancy myself an extrovert, but more recently, I've realized that I really lean more towards being an introvert. (This awesome quiz on A Cup of Jo helped me to see that. If you haven't taken it yet, I highly recommend you do.) I mean, it's not like crowds or new people give me a panic attack or anything, but I'm not typically the type to start a conversation with a random person or go up to a group of strangers out of the blue and introduce myself. (And from everything I've heard so far, that's totally what BlogHer is all about!) It just does not come naturally to me. I love hanging with my peeps who I already know, what can I say?

So all you extroverts (or conference veterans) out there: Help me out! What's your best tip for meeting people if you're at an event or party where you don't know anyone? I'd love to hear your suggestions. (While we're at it: Is anyone out there attending BlogHer this week? If so, definitely let me know!)

And, to be honest, I already feel a little more comfortable, because I just Googled and found out that there is a DryBar in San Jose! So, if nothing else, my hair is feeling a sense of relief right now. What can I say? I love being with my peeps. 

p.s.- Check out the new business cards that I ordered for BlogHer, above. They are from TinyPrints, and if you're curious, they are this style. I am so, so happy with the way they turned out! I feel like they really capture the mom-slash-beauty-editor spirit of this site. Plus they're really pretty! What do you guys think? 


Unknown said...

Your biznass cards look amazing. I am a newbie and total introvert as well. I think the majority of the people there feel the same way as you! It's like the first day of summer camp.

pixyofwhimsy said...

I'm a newbie and a total introvert! I'm nervous about the conference AND Bay Area traffic. I don't like aggressive drivers. My stomach is totally full of butterflies right now. If you see a short brunette wearing a geeky shirt and jeans and looking absolutely terrified, you'll know it's me.

RoyallyPink said...

I've gone to blog conferences alone and I think the best way to deal is to find someone else who is also there alone. I've been lucky and will meet someone who is also flying solo at the sign in table and we just stick together the entire day! Also, sometimes being alone isn't so bad at these things because there is so much going on, you won't even realize it! I'm one of the shyest people around, if I could survive, so could you! Good luck :)

Briana Luca

Bonnie Way aka the Koala Mom said...

I'm a newbie and an introvert too! :) So let's meet up somewhere and exchange cards. Yours are really cute! I've been to smaller conferences before and I'd say just be yourself... smile... say hi... other people are probably nervous and shy too (or if they aren't, then when you say hi they'll start talking). And we'll all be bloggers there, so that's at least one thing we have in common that we can start talking about (and probably talk about for a while!). Good luck!

Meet the Magnolias said...

You're a gem. It will be great! (I'm about to take that quiz.)

Kristin said...

I really hope I get to see you at BlogHer!!!!

Yvonne said...

So glad I got to meet you! You didn't seem like a newbie to me!

Taylor Brione said...

Love your cards! Where did you get them?

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