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Friday, August 22, 2014

11 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

Getting a little carried away in the beauty/fashion closet at work

Summer is winding down, our office is a ghost town with people squeezing in those last few vacation days, and I'm already thinking fall. Case in point: We throw a Halloween party every year (you guys know how I love me a good theme party, right?), and this year I'm starting early with the planning, officially deciding yesterday that the theme is going to be "Vintage Halloween." (You won't tell, right?) If you want to follow along with my planning, you can follow my Pinterest board where I'll be heavily pinning away for the next two+ months! :)

But let's not go too crazy with autumn prep--summer's not over yet, right?

• Love a good skinny jean. Love a good boyfriend jean. So naturally these skinny boyfriend jeans are next on my list. Best part: They're under $100!

• These shoes! So pretty, such a good deal and you'd totally wear them with evvverrrrythinnnng.

• I discovered Surratt eye shadows this week, and OMG--they are amazing. The texture is insane (so silky!), and there are so many good colors. I especially love this perfect nude.

• How cute are these bedsheets with metallic gold polka dots? Cute enough that they're in my cart right now.

• The pregnancy announcement heard 'round the (Instagram) world: Big congrats to my friend Eva on her impending bundle of sure-to-be-super-chic joy!

• This new video of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves is LOL funny.

• Who would have guesses that Snoopy held the secret to anti-aging?

• Years ago at a beauty event, I was treated (ha) to a view of my skin through a UV camera. It was terrifying. (A UV camera lets you see already-occurred sun damage lying in wait underneath your skin, and spoiler alert: There's likely already a ton of damage you don't know about. There was for me. Good times.) This video shares a similar peek at that hidden sun damage and gives a cool glimpse at the power of sunscreen to block UV rays.

 Emily's xoJane piece on adopting her foster son brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful.

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Went back-to-school shopping with a picky preschooler.

• Announced a cool giveawayHave you entered yet?

Have a great weekend!

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That foster-to-adopt story = MAJOR YES. So good.

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