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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The #1 Rule of Online Shopping: If It Doesn't Look Good On The Model...

(If you dare...) Top, Piperlime
I do almost all of my shopping online. That means, I rarely get a chance to try something on until I've already bought it. And because I hate returns (is there anything worse than lugging packages to the UPS store?), I work hard to try and determine whether or not something will fit (and look good on me) purely from viewing it on a computer screen. 

There are lots of little tips I've picked up, but my biggest one is a simple, harsh, but necessary truth: If it doesn't look good on the model, it won't look good on you. 

Sorry, but it just won't. This is one I've had to learn the hard way--and one I still have to occasionally remind myself of when I see a cute top that makes the model look a little chunky and I think, "Well, mayyyyybeee?" But no. No

The number one reason catalog models are catalog models is because their bodies are built perfectly for clothes. They're super tall with long legs, flat tummies, zero hips, and just-enough boob and butt without being too much boob and butt. Most clothes never look better than when they are hanging on the rack, and these models are the next best thing. And if a top (or a dress or pair of pants) can't manage to make them look good in clothes, do you really want any part of it?

I don't care how awesome your body is (and, by the way, this rule does not mean you have a "bad body"), but if it's not better than a human clothes hanger further perfected with a little Photoshop help, then abort mission. Move on to the next cute top. Do not attempt. 

Sadly, this rule doesn't work the other way: If it looks good on the model, it won't automatically look good on you. But, hey, that's what those UPS return trips are for, right?

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Possessionista said...

You're cute. I want to be friends with you forever.

Grace (The Stripe) said...

this is so, so true!! xo

Anonymous said...

This is so, so true. I always wonder what the designers/retailers are thinking when they attempt to sell something by showing a photo of a model looking terrible in it. Like, if it only looks good on one body type, show it on that body type (I don't even know who that top above would look cute on, but maybe someone with a much shorter body?). And if it doesn't look good on anyone, why make it at all?

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