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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Almost Famous: I Auditioned For a New TV Show

I recapped my BlogHer experience yesterday right here, but one of the coolest (and truly most unexpected) moments there came when I tried out for a new TV show!

A little background: I have long had a major fascination with TV/movies/show business. For the first two decades of my life, I wanted to be an actress. Growing up, I went to theater camps, acted in the high school plays, and dreamed of becoming the next Julia Roberts. I even entered college as a theater major, but ended up switching to journalism after a year (still keeping theater as a glorified minor), once I realized that, though I loved performing, I wasn't sure that I loved it quite enough to spend years toiling as a waitress. 

But, deep down? I've never lost that bug.

It was awakened at BlogHer when my friend Michelle mentioned that she had heard ABC was there holding auditions for a new show. I freaked, quickly fired off an email and a photo to the casting directors, and crossed my fingers. I received a message back in minutes saying they would love for me to come in! (Okay, so turns out these were open auditions, which means basically anyone who wanted to could audition! But I had a good 30 glorious seconds when I thought I had essentially gotten a callback and the OMG-I'm-going-to-be-the-next-Kelly-Ripa visions starting dancing through my head.)

I met with one of the casting directors later that day and found out more about the show. It's a new daytime talk show from the same company that produces "The Chew," and they described it as "'The Chew' meets Pinterest." (#dying.) There will be five women--one of whom is TYRA BANKS!--discussing lifestyle topics like fashion, beauty, family, and more. (Um, HELLO?!? That is ME!! As you can imagine, at this point in the conversation, I have officially died Rachel-Zoe style at least ten times.) Apparently four of the women were already cast and they were searching for the final woman. They wanted a mom and they were looking for someone who was really into DIY, parenting issues, etc. And though it sounded like they already had some frontrunners for that fifth-and-final "mom" spot, they had come to BlogHer to meet with candidates and potentially discover an unknown gem lurking in the mommy blogosphere. 

The casting director was really sweet, and during our meeting, we chatted about my experience juggling my beauty editor-slash-mom life, my love of throwing kid's parties, my Pinterest obsession, and more. She took lots of notes, said they would check out my blog, and we left it at that. 

So, do I think I'm going to get a callback for that coveted seat next to Tyra? No, I honestly don't. They are probably meeting with hundreds of people for this one spot. And that's okay. It was a lovely meeting, I'm so glad I did it, and it was a lot of fun. But even more, the whole experience really lit a fire under me, and stirred that performing bug that has been lying dormant for so many years.

So, Kelly Ripa? Don't get too comfortable. ;)


Jessica said...

I need you to get that spot! Hahahaha. How amazing would that be?!

Julia T said...

I'm on a casting call email list (for some reason - i'm not an actor!) and saw that gig. It looks great, you'd be amazing!

Unknown said...

I think we were auditioning at the same time!

spiffykerms said...

I saw the signs for the casting call at BlogHer! So cool that you auditioned!!!!

Vanessa • Little Gold Pixel said...

How fun! Oh, and hi by the way. I stumbled onto your blog tonight (link hopping), and I'm really glad I did. Love your site. I'm a magazine designer who also loved to act back in the day, so I totally relate to you.

Liz Parker said...

That's pretty awesome. I saw those flyers around but I'm not a mom and Pinterest is probably the social media site I use the least :) I hope you get a call back though!

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