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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fashion Blogger vs. Four Year Old: Atlantic-Pacific

creme de la crem

I was doing a little back-to-school shopping for my four-year-old daughter this week when I stumbled on this cute sweatshirt. It immediately made me think of this outfit worn by Blair of Atlantic-Pacific about two years back. I decided to try and recreate a pint-sized version of the look for my daughter, and, well... here it is! Have to admit: I'm kind of in love with the way it turned out! 

I had so much fun doing it, in fact, that going forward, I'm going to make "Fashion Blogger vs. Four Year Old" a reoccurring feature here. Whenever I see a cool outfit that I want to steal for my daughter, I'll hunt down a pint-size copy and feature it here. (And if you find a great outfit you'd like me to track down the kiddie version of--or if you're a fashion blogger and you want me to miniaturize one of your outfit posts--please do send it along!) 

This should be fun. (Less fun? Convincing my skirt-obsessed daughter to wear jeans...!)

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Unknown said...

I don't have kids, but I love the idea behind this series. Everyone should be fashionable, regardless of their age!

Megan //

P.S. Your recreation is spot on!

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