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Friday, August 15, 2014

10 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Such a pretty (and affordable!) storage solution for your favorite lipsticks

Heading down to the beach with the kids today (long car trip. pray for me.), so I'm about to embark on a frantic packing-fest. (Packing for a trip with kids is the worst, BTW. You have to bring everything and it's kind of a disaster if you forget one of the 5123432 essential things like, say, diapers. But that's another post...) 

Oh! This was fun: I saw the play The Maids (starring Cate Blanchett) last night. It was good--amazing acting, very intense, and the set was so cool and different. Worth seeing if you're in NYC and a big Cate fan.

In the meantime, here's a few fun things worth checking out today...

• Is there possibly a prettier way to store makeup than this vintage-y lipstick holder? I think not.

• I'm buying this pleated black leather skirt for fall, and then, mark my words: I am going to live in it. (SO. AWESOME.)

• This modern take on the Topsy Tail (remember that thing??) is really pretty and looks super easy to do.

• How to take the perfect shoe selfie.

• This cracked me up: "20 Back-to-School Ideas That'll Make the Other Moms Cry." Such a funny look at some of the truly insane Pinterest projects out there (and you don't have to be a mom to enjoy it, I promise). 

• This brand-new line of customizable cotton string lights (hard to explain--check them out) is so cool. They would be so pretty for a wedding, a bedroom, etc. Definitely planning to order some for my next party!

• I love this living room--cool and chic but still totally cozy/homey.

And in case you missed it this week, I...

• Revealed the best people to follow on Instagram.

• Talked about why the death of Robin Williams feels like it hits so close to home.

• Shared some fun, eye-catching phone cases for the beauty junkie.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Would love to hear your plans below. Go!

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Meet the Magnolias said...

Cate is so stunning, always. I can't wait to see a blog post with that skirt! Be safe and have fun going to the beach!

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