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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ahoy Nate-y! A Nautical First Birthday Party

Considering my son is now 18 months old, it's more than a little embarrassing that I'm just now getting around to posting pictures from his first birthday party! I'm not sure why I've been dragging my feet. Maybe it's because, once they're out there, my little boy really isn't a baby anymore. Once the photos are published, his first birthday is no longer something that's hanging out there in the ether. That first taste of cupcake, that little sailor suit--it will all no longer be something that's frozen in time, but rather, something that's happened. Something that's in the past. But, that's life, right? My baby turned one and here's how we celebrated.

For the festivities, we decided to throw a nautical-themed party, which I playfully dubbed, "Ahoy Nate-y!" The early-May weather cooperated, so we were able to have the party in our backyard, which I was so, so happy about.

To go along with the nautical, New-England-y theme, I made homemade lobster rolls, then served them alongside potato salad, watermelon-feta-and-bacon salad (my own recent invention!), baked beans, chicken fingers, pigs n' a blanket (a must for any party in our house!), berries, goldfish crackers, Lifesavers, red-white-and-blue cupcakes, blondies, brownies, lemonade, and--one of my favorite touches--Anchor Steam beer.

For favors, adults left with anchor- and boat-shaped frosted sugar cookies (made by my mom!), while the kids walked away with little red or blue metal pails (thank you, Target dollar section) loaded with boat-shaped bath squirties, cookies, personalized Hershey Kisses, anchor stickers, and Wikki Stix.

I love throwing these parties so much! Inevitably, I take on too much, stress myself out like crazy, but then love the results. Part of me can't wait for the next one, but a bigger part of me says, no--stay one forever, little guy.

So, what do you guys think?

Cupcakes: Sweet
Brownies and blondies: Fat Witch Bakery
Cupcake wrapper and flag printables: My Party Design
Food tent printables: Le Studios
Personalized poster: Dreamlike Magic
Invitation: Notable Affairs
Nautical cups: Party Cup Medley
Personalized party hat: Pixie and Penelope
Pinwheels and high-chair banner: Flourish n Frills
Favor sticker printables: Jennifer Alison Design
Hershey Kiss sticker printables: Pink Posy Paperie


Oils for said...

thanks so much for sharing the stickers you purchased from our Etsy Shop! What an adorable party!

Unknown said...

What a great party. Everything looked perfect. The buoy's inside the lemonade jar... Awesome!

Krista said...

LOVE it! The details--like goldfish, sweedish fish and life savers were awesome!! Very creative theme!

Unknown said...

Aw, what an adorable idea! The outfits are just too cute. I feel like throwing a nautical themed party just for those outfits. And who can resist swedish fish?!

Unknown said...

Very nice job momma! My nephews had a nautical party too and I made a fruit bowl sail boat out of a watermelon.

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