the sparkly life: My 6 Favorite Healthy Snacks (All Paleo and Gluten-Free!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My 6 Favorite Healthy Snacks (All Paleo and Gluten-Free!)


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A little under a month ago, I quietly started eating healthier. Way healthier. I basically went from eating pasta for 90 percent of my meals to going on a version of the Paleo diet, which means lots of meat and veggies, but no dairy, gluten, grains, or refined sugar. It's basically the exact opposite of the way I had been eating for, oh, my entire life.

However, I am not "dieting" in the sense that I am trying to lose weight or cut calories, so I'm a snacking machine! Healthy snacks--good ones--can be tough to find though. But through trial, error, and more trial, I've found some awesome ones and wanted to share. 

Here's the gluten-free, grain-free, totally-yummy stuff you'll find me munching on between meals:

1. One Lucky Ducks Chia Thins - These are made of chia seeds, almond flour, and flax seeds and taste almost exactly like Wheat Thins. So yummy.

2. Hail Merry Chocolate Miracle Tart - These dark cocoa, coconut oil, and maple syrup tarts are legit delicious--like decadent chocolate heaven. They are not low-calorie or low-fat though, but that's fine by me. I eat half a tart for dessert when I'm craving something sweet and it's such a treat. (Ok, I may or may not have plowed through an entire one last night. They're that good.)

3. Dried pineapple - Again, dried fruit is not low-calorie, so you have to be careful not to go too crazy, but it's a good option for me when I want something sweet. Dried pineapple is my favorite--I especially love Equal Exchange, which I pick up at Whole Foods.

4. Pistachios - I love nuts! I always carry a small Ziploc baggie of them in my purse, so that I'm never stuck without a healthy snack if I get hungry on the go. Pistachios are definitely my favorite (I get the roasted, unsalted ones), but I also love cashews. At work, I'll often snack on half pistachios, half dried pineapple for salty-sweet awesomeness.

5. Natural peanut butter - Here's where I veer off the Paleo diet a bit. Strictly speaking, peanuts are not considered Paleo since they're technically a legume and legumes are forbidden. But I love peanut butter and am not super keen on almond butter, so I allow myself to have it. (Sorry, Paleo purists!) I do shun the sugar-laden stuff in favorite of store-brought brands with as few ingredients as possible. The Whole Foods peanut butter that you grind yourself right in the store is my number one favorite. It contains only peanuts and is somehow sooo good. Justin's Classic Peanut Butter, with just peanuts and palm fruit oil, is a close second. I love to eat either one straight up on a spoon or slathered on apple slices.

6. Krave Jerky - Jerky is one of those things that I never tried because the thought of it grossed me out. Dried meat? How long exactly has it been in that bag?? Eww. Then I tried it. It's so good, and unlike many snacks, so filling. My favorite that I've found so far is Krave Jerky. They have pork jerky, turkey jerky, and beef--all with unique, yummy flavors like Black Cherry Barbecue and Lemon Garlic. I've honestly liked every single one I've ever tried, so I usually just buy a variety pack. They're all great!

Now it's your turn: What are your favorite healthy snacks? I'm always looking for yummy new ideas. And I'd love to know if you're Paleo, too. Tell me below!


Possessionista said...

My two obsessions right now are Peeld Apple Clusters and World Peas

zoe25 said...

Hi ladies :) Great topic Alyssa. Right now I am loving Barney Butter Almond Butter-raw w/Chia. I've always preferred PB too but have gone back and forth since discovering this brand. Also love to have hard boiled eggs, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

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