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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Coolest App For Magazine Lovers...Plus a GIVEAWAY!

{Giveaway info at the bottom!}

Have you guys heard of NextIssue? I discovered it randomly a few months ago, instantly downloaded it--and fell in love. It's an app where you pay a flat fee each month (I have the $9.99/month plan) and get unlimited access to digital issues of 135 magazines (back issues, too!). 

I love it for so many reasons, but two main ones: 1) I find myself reading stories in magazines I don't normally read. I read all my regular favorites, of course, but I like that I can also check out a one-off article in a magazine I might not typically buy without dropping an extra $4 on an issue that might not have anything else I'm interested in. I'm discovering lots of cool, new-to-me magazines, too.

And 2) No clutter. This is huge for me. As someone who has worked in magazines for 12+ years--and loved magazines for far longer than that--you can imagine that I own a lot of magazines. I mean, just take the ones I've written for alone and you've got yourself quite a bit of paper. In recent years, I've really tried to cut down on the clutter in my life, but still the piles of magazines remained. No more. I still bring home the issues I work on, of course, and I get a few paper subscriptions at work, but most of my actual reading is done on my iPad. In my mind, nothing beats reading a big pile of magazines--without the pile.

If you head over to the NextIssue blog, I'm featured today as a guest curator talking more about why I love the app, and sharing some of my favorite reads that I found in various magazines this month.

And now for that giveaway: Three winners will each receive a three-month subscription to NextIssue! (So, basically, three months of unlimited magazines for freeeeeee! Yay!) Please enter via Rafflecopter below. I'll contact the winners directly after the giveaway ends next week. Good luck!

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Unknown said...

If I had to pick one magazine as my favorite, it would probably be Self.

Unknown said...

Oh I'm all over this giveaway - favorite magazine of all time is Bon Appetit and Women's Health!

Unknown said...

allure is my favorite :)

Unknown said...

Nice giveaway! Allure is of course my favorite, because: Blood. Sweat. Tears. But I've yet to meet a magazine I don't love just a little.

Kelly said...

Sounds Great! InStyle is my fav...I haven't read Vogue since they put Kim K on the cover. I had a year subscription to Brides when I got married int 2011 and purchase it for my friends when they get engaged.

Susan said...

My favorite magazine is Brides. I love the great advice in each issue. I don't have a mom so I look to my Brides magazine for guidance and it always helps.

eekat said...

I love Dwell and InStyle!

Unknown said...

For the past couple of months, my go-to mag has been Allure. Oh, and Entertainment Weekly :)

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