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Friday, November 21, 2014

17 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

Clockwise from top left: Hanging with one of my faves, the amazing makeup artist Daniel Martin; a boy and his unicorn costume; obligatory apres color/blowout selfie at Sally Hershberger; all bundled up
This week is a bit of a blur! I was superbusy at work and then had to work from home one day unexpectedly, which meant furiously writing a story during my son's nap, answering emails while pushing a stroller, and staying up way too late to squeeze in more writing time. Work-from-home moms, man--I don't know how you do it.

Now, for this weekend, I'm looking forward to a fun outing with my daughter, stopping by the open house at my Pilates studio, and hopefully, doing a little relaxing. (Ha! Who am I kidding?) What are you guys up to? Can you believe Thanksgiving is in just a few days??

Here's a few fun links!

• This sparkly, blush-pink sweater is so pretty. And it's 40 percent off right now with the code PARTY40! You're welcome.

Speaking of blush pink, this outfit is heavenly, no?

Lulu Frost's online sample sale is going on now! I've mentioned before how much I love their jewelry--and their sales. And this one is equally epic. Lulu Frost isn't cheap, but the sample sales make them much, much more affordable. This gorgeous necklace (almost 50 percent off!) is top on my list. Also, check it out: This is the sunburst necklace I wore in this post! I thought it was sold out, but now it's back--and on major sale. Run!

• Love how this sweater manages to be both classic and unique.

• This is the best (and funniest!) gift guide I've seen so far. (Did you know they still make Lisa Frank sticker books?!? #want)

Uh, when did Chris Pratt get so hot? (Watch the first video...)

These photos of the nearly SEVEN FEET of snow in Buffalo legitimately gave me heart palpitations. Terrifying and utterly insane.

• Disney has sold 3 million Frozen costumes in North America. That's the equivalent of one for every four year old girl on the continent. (And whoo hoo! The article quoted me and mentioned my Halloween Instagram contest!)

• People who look (exactly, eerily) like Drake.

• Well, I know at least one thing we'll be doing in March.

• A great list of the most iconic movies set in every state. (I don't agree with the Indiana pick though. How could it not be Breaking Away?!)

• Helpful list of what food banks actually need.

• This deaf teen living in an African village never learned to communicate with others Then a single sign language class transformed his world. Yep, I cried.

• And here's a cool thing to do this weekend if you live in NYC: On Saturday, Conair is setting up a mobile salon in Chelsea offering FREE hair makeovers and product giveaways. It'll be 11am to 4pm outside of the Bed Bath and Beyond on Sixth Avenue. Fun!

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Featured a funny story about "mom brain."

• Shared the cutest-ever flats.

• Revealed some thoughts on motherhood, fashion, my secret music obsession, and more.

• Showed just how easy (and important) it is to donate a winter coat.

Have a great weekend!

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