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Friday, December 5, 2014

20 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Work life/mom life: Two scenes from the Cle de Peau event this week (with the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried!) and two scenes from Thanksgiving
The weeks before Christmas are always so insane and I'm just starting to feel that craziness. Work is super busy (trying to bang out some last-minute projects before the holidays), and of course we're now entering the onslaught of holiday parties, present buying (and I don't even want to think about present wrapping), recitals, events, etc etc. Tomorrow we're getting a Christmas tree, decorating it, and then most likely spending the rest of the weekend trying to stop my dog from destroying it. Good times.

In the meantime, here's a few of my favorite links of the week. Enjoy!

• This sequined blanket (!) is SO COOL. And it's on major sale!

• My beauty friend Courtney has a great new blog, You Look Great in Green, focusing on fun, not-at-all-intimidating financial advice for stylish people. Two of my favorite posts so far: blowing your money on $12 lunches and justifying $35 fitness classes.

• Such a cute gift for the dog lover in your life (or, better yet, for the dog lover living in a pet-unfriendly building).

• Great tips for avoiding holiday weight gain.

• 15 things that emotionally-strong people don't do. 

• What cows look like with blowouts. #fluffy

• I thought my daughter's most recent birthday party was pretty good, but this incredibly detailed, pretty much INSANE Frozen bash puts mine to shame. That mom wins.

• The Singapore Airlines first-class suites will ruin your life.

• Loved this behind-the-scenes glimpse at my favorite artist, Marilyn Minter.

• How to introduce your kids to volunteerism. (I love the birthday box idea!)

• This fishtail braid is heaven on earth.

• Funny gift guide for the Christian Grays, Claire Underwoods, and Carrie Mathisons in your life.

• The art of making parent friends.

• This Chris Rock interview was amazing.

• How to raise siblings who are BFFs

• Parsnaffles look DELICIOUS.

• I want to live here.

And ICYMI, this week I...


• Examined the sudden, surprising awesomeness of Banana Republic. 

• Talked editorial calendars.

 Gave 15 dead giveaways that you might be Pinterest-obsessed

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