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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Traditions

Do you have Christmas Eve traditions? My daughter is just getting old enough that they mean something to her, so last year, we started a tradition that I'm going to be continuing this year and beyond.

Tonight, each of my kids will get a bag filled with Christmas pjs, a Christmas-themed book, and an ornament. (The ornament will be representative of something that they were into that particular year.) As they get older, I may add other fun things in there, but for now, this works.

This year, my daughter is getting this cute Santa nightgown, this book, and an Elsa/snowman ornament from Etsy. My son is getting these matching Santa pjs, this book, and an Etsy Elmo ornament.

We'll probably give them out right after dinner. Then, we'll have time to read the stories, hang the ornaments, have a bath, and slip into the new jammies. Then it'll be lights out on time. 

After all, mama still has a ton of wrapping left to do.

Tell me: What are some of the Christmas Eve traditions that your family does? (Or that you did growing up?) I'm always looking to add new ones!

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