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Friday, March 20, 2015

18 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

photo via A Beautiful Mess

Today is the first day of spring, which is pretty insane considering it's supposed to snow. As we know, I am more than a little sick of the white stuff. But I mean, who isn't?? It's basically APRIL, for god's sake.

Luckily, I leave for vacation this week! (Please cross your fingers that this vacation ends up being more vacation-y than this one though...) So today is going to be stress city with me running errands, packing like a madwoman, and doing last minute prep. These toenails aren't going to paint themselves, girl.

Next week will be pretty quiet here, so be sure to follow me on Instagram for fun updates, warm-weather dispatches, and I'm quite sure, a fruity drink photo or two.

Have a great week! Here's a few cool things to enjoy in the meantime...

• Love, love, love these green and gold sunglasses.

• My YouTube-obsessed daughter has long been saying that she wants to start her own YouTube channel and film toy review videos. And after reading how this regular family made over a million dollars doing just that, I'm suddenly thinking, "Sounds like a plan!"

• A cream that melts. your. fat. It actually exists, people.

• Lego has started doling out beauty tips for girls. Five-year-old girls.

• Speaking of Legos, here's why it's so f'n painful when you step on one.

• You know those hilarious Jimmy Kimmel videos where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Well, it's not so funny when real kids read real mean tweets about themselves.

• Leprechaun traps?! Seriously, enough with the holiday overkill.

• This video of guys wearing heels for the first time made me laugh. Especially this part: "It kind of feels like you're hiking and you step on a log or something. But the log is always in your shoe."

• This company makes EXACT stuffed-animal replicas of your pets. It's part creepy, part OMG-I-NEED-ONE-RIGHT-NOW.

• When did everyone stop taking lunch breaks?

• These DIY malachite nails are so awesome.

• Why ready-made lifestyle fashion brands keep failing.

• "Me time" is B.S. when you're a mom.

• This earnest piece on how to become an Instagram star read totally read like an Onion article to me!

• A tough, but eye-opening read about students living in unimaginable, generational poverty.

• Horse-drawn carriages are a fraught issue here in NYC, but I for one am not a fan. (These horses spend all day clomping in circles on hard city streets right next to insane traffic, and they always look so miserable.) If you agree, here's a (super easy, two-second) petition you can sign to stop the abuse.

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Featured an outfit post for the first time in forever! Thoughts?


MrsMuffinTop said...

The lego beauty: :( (If I could make a huge sad face, I would!).
I want those sunglasses now, too!!!

P.S. I don't see your header??

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the student poverty article. I wish more teachers and schools REALLY understood how poverty affects students. I grew up poor, but was lucky to be from a small town and my teachers knew what was going on. But in these big cities, some of these teachers could care less.

Beauty Salon Mullingar said...

Great list of things to read and do.
Thanks for your effort.

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