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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Cutest New Beauty Line!

peach hand cream
photo via @rachaelkelley13

I was scrolling though Instagram the other day as I am wont to do (364546 times a day) when I happened on the photo above in my friend Rachael's feed. It stopped me in my tracks because...those cute little things are beauty products! 

They're from TonyMoly, a Korean brand (of course) that offers what is quite possible the world's most adorable packaging. Besides the cuties above (the peach is a hand cream and the latte is a pore-tightening mask!), there are cherry- and blueberry-shaped lip balms, bunny perfumes, tomato facial masks, and tons more.

I know they're probably aimed at twelve years old, but the great thing about beauty is that it doesn't have to be deadly serious all the time. So who cares? Guess I'm immature enough beauty-wise that I love them, too. (And I'm not alone! Check out the TonyMoly apple hand cream starring in this #evachenpose from my ever chic friend Eva Chen...)

I've included a few favorites below, but it's worth checking out this link for lots more. Seriously, their stuff is just the cutest, right?



Jess Ullrich said...

Love the little fruit lip balms. How cute are those?!

Unknown said...

Love the panda! that is adorable! Great for gifts!

Meet the Magnolias said...


Anonymous said...

Very cute, as much as I would want one for myself I don't think it would last long as mine!

Unknown said...

i love beauty products, even the kiddie little girl ones haha! i always think those lip smackers in the target check out line look cute and appealing. that little pocket bunny moist mist looks so cute!

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg this is the cutest makeup line everrrr!!! Loving the lip balm ❤️

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