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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wish List: Pink + White + Tali Lennox Art

tali lennox inspiration

painting // bag // tunic // necklace // clutch // sandals // cosmetic case set // nail polish // face mask // sweater (25% off with code SHOPNOW).

I had major insomnia one night last week for possibly the weirdest reason ever: I randomly stumbled on the painting above and could. not. stop. thinking. about. it. The piece is by artist Tali Lennox (who also happens to be a successful model and daughter of one Ms. Annie Lennox). I love everything about it--the colors (it's a perfect match for our future master bedroom, which we're currently redecorating), the happy vibe, the nod to social media/selfie culture that the artist describes as inspiration for the work. And the face mask really speaks to the beauty editor side of me! It's basically my perfect painting.

I actually contacted the gallery the day after seeing it, but it turns out the piece had already been sold. :( I was devastated! I fall in love with art so rarely and this one felt so meant to be. I still can't stop thinking about it though, so I guess that's why I'm now focusing on things I can potentially have: spring clothes and accessories in sweet, pretty-in-pink-and-white shades. Things like a subtly sequined sweater, a sparkly nail polish, a candy-pink bucket bag that looks way more expensive than it really is (under $150!). And of course, a really good charcoal mask.

Let's call them works of art...on an entirely different level, shall we?

What are you guys coveting right now for spring? And what do you think of the (one that got away) painting?


Unknown said...

That little clutch is to die for. I'm loving the vibe of all of this. So romantic & innocent.
Young Love Mommy

WorkingMomMagic said...

I love that tunic! (however a white beach tunic that is 300 bucks wouldnt cut it at the beach with my crazy messy kids!) ha!

Unknown said...

I love the pearl tassel necklace very cute!

Nicci said...

I am hoping to find that elusive perfect pair of jeans this year. That would be my ultimate beauty find!

Unknown said...

Oh I love all of theses finds. The pinks are so pretty and feminine. I really like the bag and clutch and sandals!

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