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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So It's Possible My Kid Watches Too Much iPad

secret clearly better

My daughter loves her iPad. More than any toy, possibly more than any thing. She loves watching movies, she loves watching TV shows, but she really, really loves watching YouTube. She's obsessed with "toy review" videos on the channel, which is another whole post in itself. But basically, they are videos of people (sometimes kids, usually adults) unwrapping, opening, and demonstrating toys.

She can't get enough of these things.

She's not the only one. These YouTubers have thousands to millions of views (and some even rake in millions of dollars). And now that these videos have become so popular, they usually have ads playing before them. 

Well, apparently, she has been seeing deodorant ads a lot lately, because the other day, we were in the grocery store when she suddenly stopped in front of the antiperspirant display and grabbed a tube of Secret.

Then she started talking. Or rather, reciting.

"Secret Clear Gel," she began, speaking to no one in particular. "Hashtag 'Clearly Better.'"

(And yes, she actually said the word "hashtag.")

She continued: "It dries clear and you know exactly where it's going instead of spray."

Then she turned to me. "Mom? Can we get Secret Clear Gel?"

"What? Why?"

"Because," she said. "It's clearly better."


Hashtag Someone Clearly Need Some Stricter Screen Time Restrictions, huh?

Am I the only one whose kid is obsessed with the iPad? Or the only one whose kid recites commercials by heart? Please say no!


Stef717 said...

My 4.5 year old son is also obsessed with those videos. He also loves the "egg surprise" videos on youtube which are basically the same.

bridezilla said...

Hi Stef717! YES!!! My daughter (and now also my son--eek) is obsessed with those egg surprise videos too!

Krista said...

This is hilarious!! Every once in a while my daughter will sing the jingle to a commercial I didn't even know she'd seen. hahahaha

Meet the Magnolias said...

This is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!

Shann Eva said...

My son doesn't watch on an iPad, but he watches WAY too much TV. He would watch movies all day if I let him.

Unknown said...

Hilarious! Yeah, my kids will sometimes memorize random things they've watched without even trying too hard. So they really have no excuse when they can't remember to clean up after themselves. :-)

Jackie said...

Well, I guess the good news (for advertisers) is that marketing works. And don't feel bad about the screen time. My 2 year old LOVES youtube and even knows how to scroll to find videos he'd prefer to watch.

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