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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to Throw a Sesame Street Birthday Party

My little dude is Sesame Street obsessed. (To give you an idea of the level of his obsession, he now uses Sesame Street characters to describe colors. For example, a red balloon, isn't red, it's "Elmo," a leafy tree isn't green, it's "Oscar," pink flowers are "Abby," and so on.) So, of course, for his second birthday, the party needed to be Sesame Street themed.

(I soon started referring to it as a Sesame Street Pom Pom party though, once I began gravitating towards fluffy, pom-pom-like decor. Turns out, primary-colored pom poms totally remind me of the Sesame characters--go figure.) 

It was a relatively small party (just family and a few close friends--much smaller than his first birthday bash), so I tried not to go too, too crazy. I used some Sesame Street toys that we already owned as decor (that Elmo on the top of the cupcake stand is a well-loved bath toy!), and recycled this gold glitter Happy Birthday sign from my daughter's mermaid party by adding a few pom poms to it. 

I found these adorable Sesame poms on Etsy and they basically made the party. The fondant cake and cupcake toppers were Etsy finds, too--and they totally transformed the cupcakes, as well as the plain-white-on-the-outside cake (the inside was rainbow tie-dye!) that my mom made.

My biggest accomplishment though, was probably the outside decor. I cut Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird feet out of construction paper (I got the idea and the pattern here), and put them on our front steps. 

And the piece de resistance: the pom pom wreath that I actually DIY'd myself! It came about after I saw a Sesame Street balloon wreath on Etsy that I liked, but thought was kind of expensive. I figured it would look cuter done with pom poms anyway, and that I could probably make it. (Turns out I could make it. And I did! But it took forevvvvver. There are hundreds of poms on there!) The "Nate Street" sign was a printable that I ordered here

I loved the plastic Elmo and Cookie Monster cups, too; we served Grady's Cold Brew coffee out of them for the adults. (Yum!) 

After he blew out his candle, the afternoon ended with a dance party. (Taylor Swift-heavy soundtrack chosen by my daughter, natch.) My little guy danced his heart out, and then suddenly, before he even opened his presents, he was passed out on the floor. Presents would wait until the morning when he padded downstairs in his little Cookie Monster pjs to open them. (And let the record show: He is now a big fan of presents!) 

So, this is two. Happy Birthday, Nate. I love you.


Cupcakes: Sweet
Fondant cupcake toppers: Mama Mias Cupcakes
Fondant cake toppers: Peace Love and Cake NY
Water bottle label printables: Maxine Renee Designs
"Nate Street" printables: Invite Unlimited
Sesame Street poms: Pom Pom Momma
Elmo and Cookie Monster plastic cups: Hello Faith
Printable crayon box wraps: Wendy's Printable Party
Glitter Happy Birthday sign (pom poms added later by me): The Bannerie
Giant Big Bird balloon: Amazon
Sesame Street napkins: Amazon
Sparkly pom pom food picks: Amazon (similar) 


Unknown said...

I love all of the cute touches in your party.The 'Nate Street' sign is precious. We did an Elmo theme for our four kids' second birthday party. There is something about Sesame Street that is magic for little ones.

WorkingMomMagic said...

This is so adorable!! I love that pom pom wreath... and all the little details! Hoappy Birthday to your little man!

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg this is like the cutest party EVER!!! I'm in love with that cake!!!!

Emily L. Foley said...

This is so beyond fantastic! I'm already gearing up for our first 'major' birthday party, which will be in October–will be needed to look at this a LOT between now and then for inspiration! I'm so intimidated, because I'm not a natural party planner!

Unknown said...

This is so stinkin' adorable. Now I want to throw a Sesame Street Party.

Unknown said...

That wreath is fantastic! You did such an awesome job with all of the decorations. Can you throw me a party?

MrsMuffinTop said...

Aaaah!! AMAZING!!!! My son turns two in December and he's obsessed with Elmo! PLEASE COME DO THIS FOR ME. I could never pull off this amazing party!

Jackie said...

Darling! You'd never know you found or made everything for such a great price! I love all of the little touches.

My 27 month old adores Sesame Street also. And Dinosaurs. In fact, for his 2nd birthday I threw him a dinosaur themed party. By "party" I mean I made him a cupcake and stuck a plastic dinosaur on top which he at at his grandma's house. I guess I was still exhausted from throwing him a giant 1 year old bday bash. Luckily he didn't seem to notice.

Unknown said...

cute baby

Wenni Donna said...

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