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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Baby's First Buzz Cut

My son had his first haircut a few months back, but he's been majorly due for another one for awhile now. Partly because he's been looking really shaggy lately, but even more because he has developed this weird and annoying habit of pulling out his hair. He only does it every once in awhile, but he has learned that it gets a big reaction, so he loves to do it to get attention.

I decided to try and break him from the habit with a buzz cut. I was a bit nervous though. Would he be afraid of the clippers? Would he start to scream and we'd have to pull the plug halfway through the cut and he'd look like a weirdo? Or would we succeed and he'd walk out looking like a mini military recruit? Would he hate the haircut? Would I?

But this past weekend, we did it. And he was a champ. (Thanks Diego videos and promises of "yoll-e-pops" and "ba-yoons.") He was barely even aware of the clipping and still doesn't seem to notice that anything is different. 

But I've noticed. Whether you're a grownup going from lob to bob or a two year old getting newly shorn, haircuts are by nature transformative. And he looks so different to me now! Older. And like a little tough guy. But still so cute. I do love it.

There will be many haircuts over the years. Many transformations, I know. Some I'll love, some I'll hate. But no matter how many inches come off--whether he gets a Bieber, a Mohawk, or this ridiculously soft, peach-fuzzy buzz cut (that I just can't. stop. petting.)--he'll always be my baby. 


Unknown said...

The first haircut is a big moment. He looks real cute with his buzz cut!

Terri Grothe said...

Aww a special moment! He is so handsome

JLynnCorter said...

Oh, he looks so cute! We had let our little guys hair grow out for quite awhile. It was so blonde and so soft, I couldn't bring myself to cut it. But finally, my mother-in-law AND my mother convinced me. Luckily, my mother-in-law was a beautician and we were able to do it from the comfort of home, so surroundings were familiar for him. Then there was that one time that I took the scissors to his bangs, but I don't talk about that time TOO much :P

Shann Eva said...

Oh yes! Definitely transformative. All 3 of mine are in need of a cut right now.

Shann Eva said...

Oh yes! Definitely transformative. All 3 of mine are in need of a cut right now.

MrsMuffinTop said...

Such a cutie! I agree...through the years, and the transformation, they WILL always be our babies!!

Lydia A. Brunt said...

The first Haircut for a baby is a very excellent moment.

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