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Friday, July 31, 2015

20 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

So it's (basically, almost) August. How? To be honest, I'm almost kind of dreading the month. It's going to be packed for us--road trips, work trips, camp shuttling, back to school scrambling, our nanny going on vacation  It's going to be hectic. 

Plus there's always the inherent sadness of the (best!) season slowing showing itself out. School is starting, kids are growing, fall is coming (with winter close behind), friends are moving, time is marching on. Even before it's started, August always feels like it's slipping away like a countdown.

(Sorry, for being such an end-of-summer bummer right there. I just really don't want it to end!)

This weekend, we're going to a party for my daughter's new class and having lots of family time. Hopefully the grownups will get to go out to dinner one night, too! 

Whatever you're up to this summer weekend, I hope it's relaxing and lots of fun. Because THE END IS NEAR, PEOPLE. ;)

Here's a few fun links.

• These pink-and-gold wine glasses are beautiful.

• Has there ever been a music video as epic as the "Freedom '90" video? (Answer: NO.) Here's the behind-the-scenes story. #supermodels4ever

• Pretty gold shirt dress that can be easily dressed either up or down? Yes, please.

• When I attended the BlogHer conference a few weeks back, I heard James Oliver Jr read his powerful piece about not knowing what to tell his young son after the Eric Garner killing. He broke down in the middle of it--it was a very powerful, moving moment to be in that room. Here's a video of the reading. Grab a tissue.

• I made this tomato, mozzarella, and basil strata last weekend and it was SO good. (And completely easy!)

• Have you had a "medicure?" I want one! #pedicuregoals

• Ten annoying things about The Devil Wears Prada.

• This parody of Humans of New York called Felines of New York is just awesome.

• This ponytail/braid situation is so cool.

• Did you love Mrs. Grossman's stickers? I did. I was a sticker fiend. Well, they're back! And on sale at Zulily right now. Let the elementary school flashbacks commence.

• So sad: The emotional toll of not being able to afford diapers.

• This is kind of hilarious: A mom throws a personal-injury-lawyer themed birthday party for her son.

• What a great idea: This Dutch nursing home offers free housing to students.

• What if everything we know about addiction is wrong?

• These runaway beach umbrellas made me laugh.

• These castles cost less than New York City apartments.

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Found the cutest personalized name labels. (Plus, they're on sale right now!)

• Gave my son a major haircut.

• Shared a sneak peek at our home redesign.

• Wondered why my five year old suddenly looks fifteen.


Krista said...

I was at BlogHer too! I wish I would have known--I would have loved to have met you!

Krista said...

Duh--you're in NYC and I'm right outside the city. Would love to meet up sometime!! Love that gold lame dress too!

Unknown said...

Love your list as always and the strata looks great. I'm jealous you went to BlogHer! Hope you had fun!

MrsMuffinTop said...

Speaking of blogher...did you know that James Oliver has a VERY cool product? It's a wall decal but with photos. it's called we montage.

25 years since Freedom?!?! ugh. I feel ridiculously old!!!

Unknown said...

I'm also bumming out that summer feels like it's almost over. I actually love fall and winter but I'm so not ready this year! Love those funny lol!

Unknown said...

I'm also bumming out that summer feels like it's almost over. I actually love fall and winter but I'm so not ready this year! Love those funny lol!

CourtneyLynne said...

ahhhhhh gotta check out those wine glasses! Wine is my bff hehehe ;-)

Clarity Medspa said...

I must check those wine glasses, I have a good collection of branded wine and I hope these glasses will be a suitable option for my wine collection.

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