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Friday, July 17, 2015

11 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

As you can see above, I'm packing a fresh new order of blog business cards (and a fresh new card holder! #obsessed), which can only mean one thing: For the next two days, I'm going to be at BlogHer, a massive digital conference here in New York City. I went last year when it was in San Jose, and was not sure if I was going to attend this year since I just went to this conference in April. But it's right in my backyard! So, how could I say no?

Are any of you guys attending BlogHer this year? Definitely let me know! Or if you see me, please stop me and say hi. Nothing makes me happier!

Whatever you're up to this weekend, here's a few fun links to check out before it starts. Enjoy!

• This pretty dress is the perfect combo of sweet and subversive. And it's 30 percent off with the code GO SHOPPING!

•  This sponge sounds amazing. You run your brushes over it and it supposedly cleans the makeup off in just a few swipes. Must try!

• How iPhones ruined summer camp.

• This article made me think (and made me feel guilty. I often work from a local coffeeshop for several hours, nursing a single latte. I never thought of myself as a "camper," but I can now see that on those days, I totally am. Maybe I need to start considering a co-working space? I get nothing done at home...

• A beautiful Leaving New York essay (also now known as a LNYE) by my former coworker, Ramona. Especially loved this line: "In New York there are at any one time, 6,000 people who are better than you at the only thing you're good at." So true.

• Honey sriracha chicken salad? Yes, please.

• The app that blocks everything Kardashian-related from your browser.

• Back when hospitals couldn't save preemie babies, a sideshow attraction stepped in to do just that. Fascinating!

• These triple layer pina coladas look and sound amazing.

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Threw a "vintage Paris" party.

• Gushed about the utter awesomeness of Amazon Prime.


518nymammaof2 said...

I'm totally trying that chicken salad! Did you buy anything on Prime day? I struck out :(

Unknown said...

I always love your Friday lists! The Paris party looks divine!

Melissande said...

I have been dreaming about pina coladas. They're one of my absolute favorites! I can't wait to have this baby and have one again! Also, that dress is ridiculously beautiful! I love it.

Robin @ The Balanced Life said...

Not going to BlogHer this year but I hope you have a great time! Would you recommend the Mom 2.0 Conference?

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