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Monday, July 20, 2015

Five Going On Fifteen

Tee shirt, skirt, boots. All by Justice. (not sponsored!)

I shared one of these photos on Instagram last night, but decided to blow it up into a blog post, because I mean...c'mon. These pictures! That pose! That video! 

Here's the background: Our teenage niece (who is awesome and who my daughter is obsessed with)  is staying with us for a few weeks while she takes some summer classes. And while I was at BlogHer all day this past Saturday, she took my daughter shopping. At Justice. My daughter had never been to tween-and-pretween mecca Justice, and being that she was there with her much-adored cousin and daddy's credit card, let's just say, she was in sparkle/girly/shopping heaven. Case in point: Those are bedazzled cowboy boots.

She is now in love with this outfit and wore it all weekend long. (And then asked to wear it to camp today. I drew the line there.) The video was shot by my niece (who is also the narrator) when they came home to model their purchases for Dad.  These photos were shot yesterday, when we went to run an errand. She looked so adorable that I stopped to snap a few photos. Those sassy poses are all her though.

What do you guys think? Do I have a future fashion blogger on my hands or what? 

(P.S.: Also, she is FIVE years old, but looks ten here, right? HELP!)


Unknown said...

Aw, she is just too cute! I love the poses and the outfit.

Unknown said...

She is so adorable and is she rockin' that outfit. I have never taken my daughter to Justice but I recently bought her a dress at H and M.

Lynn Raye said...

haha so adorable! I actually love those boots :)

Thaleia said...

Wow, she is quite the little model! I bet she's sassy, too, right, lol? My daughter was like that. Still is our diva fashionista.

CourtneyLynne said...

Awwww your princess is adorable! I love it when little girls want to pose and be all model like :):) too cute!

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