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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Little Boys

holiday gifts for little boys

Please tell me I'm not the only person who still has a ton of shopping left to do. If that's you, too, I've got you covered. Today we're focused on the boys. Little ones. Think two-ish to four-or-five-ish, though several of these things could work for older kids. A couple of these items I've already bought for my 2.5 year old son for Christmas (the ice cream truck, Thomas), a couple he already owns and loves (the b-ball hoop, the Melissa & Doug truck), and the remaining items are on our list.

And one note: I based this gift guide on things I know my own son would like. I am not making a larger statement on gender or saying that only boys can like basketball or trains. There's plenty of stuff your daughters would like here, too. In particular, I know that my daughter is going to go nuts for the playhouse, the ride-on train, and the pancake kit. So let's hope my son shares! 

Clockwise from top left: 

Lionel Crayola Imagineering Play Set: My son is just starting to get really into trains, so I love Lionel's new licensed sets for the littlest guys. This one is durable plastic, so kids can bang it around to their heart's content, and it comes with dry erase markers, so they can personalize the cars with their name (or unintelligible scribbles).

Galloping Butch Action Figure: This T-rex from the latest Pixar movie, The Good Dinosaur, moves his legs at the push of a button and manages to look both cute and scary. I've had my eye on it for months--ever since I randomly sat next to a toy buyer from Amazon over the summer at a conference and she told me that--out of everything--this was going to be the hot thing for little dudes this season. 

Sands Alive Glow Starter Set: My daughter is already really into this moldable sand-like goo, and I know my son is itching to play with it, too. He'll love this glow-in-the-dark set that comes with a flashlight and special glasses to help you get your glow on.

DeLaMaison Personalized SuperKid T-Shirt: I bought these personalized tees for two little boys for birthday parties earlier this year and now I think my son needs one, too. I mean, what kid doesn't want to be a superhero? 

Little Tikes Basketball Hoop: We bought this for my son for Christmas last year and it's still a hit with him this year. Great for indoor or outdoor use (we keep ours in the playroom) and I like that you can adjust the height several times, so it's usable for years.

Power Wheels Ride On Thomas the Train Vehicle: I debated on this, But it's too darn cute. Kids as young as one can drive it (it goes 2 mph!) by pushing a button. He's going to go nuts.

Oto Ice Cream Truck: We've been wanting to get my son a playhouse for awhile now, but That's part of the reason I loved this one. It's actually cardboard, so you can flatten it and stick it under a bed or something when it's not in use. Also, it is just so. freaking. cute. I had a hard time deciding between this one and this adorable taco truck, but in the end, ice cream won out. (Doesn't it always?)

Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck: My son got this for his second birthday, and it's been one of the only toys that he has played with consistently ever since. It's great for pretend play, for learning the different animals, and for sorting. Perfect mix of fun and learning. Plus, the wooden pieces are sturdy and super well-made--especially considering the under $16 price.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Flip and Serve Pancake Set: M&D makes the best food toys. We already have several sets that we bought early on for my daughter, but I hadn't seen this one until recently. My son loves to "cook" (he makes a beeline for the play kitchen every day when he gets to school), so I'm hoping this encourages him to imagine, pretend, and someday become a chef and cook for me in my old age.

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What's your favorite item on this list? And what are you getting your little ones this year? I'm always looking for ideas!


Mustard Seed Mommy said...

This is a great list, my son would enjoy all of these!

Theresa said...

What cute ideas! I don't have a boy, but I bet boys would love these ideas! My daughter would too. :)

JLynnCorter said...

Ooh! These are great gift ideas! My son loves his Sands Alive kit!

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