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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gift Guide: The 9 Hottest Holiday Toys

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Earlier this fall, I got the opportunity to go to some big holiday toy previews. They were worlds away from the beauty events I usually attend, but they were so much fun! I got a glimpse at tons of new toys, my daughter was ridiculously jealous, and the whole thing kind of made me feel like a kid again.

So, to kick off my 2015 gift guide posts for both adults and kids, I thought it would be fun to share nine of the hottest toys of the season. These are the ones guaranteed to nab you the title of Best Mom (or Aunt) Ever. They're also the ones that are sure to sell out, so grab 'em now.

1) Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Parakeet: Do your kids want a pet? Try to stave them off by giving them this interactive singing, talking, dancing toy bird. All the fun, none of the poop. (Also available in pink here.)

2) Disney Sing-A-Long Elsa Doll: This year's most-wanted Elsa blows last year's most-wanted Elsa (remember my saga trying to buy one??) out of the icy water. She says 15 phrases in English and Spanish and comes with a microphone so your little girl can duet with Elsa, singing the full-length movie version of "Let It Go." (Ear plugs sold separately.)

3) Furreal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn: She responds to your child's voice and touch, she has over 100 sounds and movements, she lights up, and she's sooooo pretty. (Those lashes tho!)

4) Crayola Crayon Carver: Unwrap a crayon, stick it in the slot, and the machine grinds any word or phrase (think anything from OMG to a name) directly into the wax. Think of it as insurance that no one's stealing your kid's crayons ever again.

5) Shopkins Shoppie Doll: Shopkins (those little rubber characters that kids collect, trade, and generally go batshit over) are still huge. And this season, they've launched dolls. Each set includes a doll, her purse, two exclusive Shopkins, and the undying love of your Shopkins-obsessed girl. (BTW, if you have a wee Shopkins fan, check out this cute Shopkins ice cream truck, too. It's also poised to be huge this season.)

6) Pie Face: This game is going to sound like the worst thing ever. But that's because you're not five. Kids are going nuts for this game, which is basically Russian Roulette only with whipped cream. Real whipped cream. Yes, you get whipped cream in your face. Make Daddy play it with them.

7) Stikbots: These are so cool. (Seriously. I kind of want them for myself.) They are little plastic, bendable stick figures that you can pose a zillion different ways. You use your phone to take photos of them, then the app creates a stop motion video. Such a cool little gift for your budding filmmaker. 

8) Yummy Nummies: These shelf-stable boxes of fun contain all your kids need to make anything from pizza to gummy candy to cupcakes to chicken nuggets. (And yes, you can really eat it all!) Think part cooking class, part chemistry set, part lunch. 

9) Disney Descendants Dolls: The made-for-TV movie about the high-schooled-aged kids of the Disney princesses is a phenomenon right now. (My daughter has already requested a Descendants party for her birthday next year.) So, naturally the dolls are super hot right now. You can't go wrong with Mal, Evie, or a two-pack set complete with Bieber-esque prince.

So, what's your favorite toy from the list? And which toys have your kids been asking for? (I'd love to hear!)

I'll be back over the next few weeks with more gift guide posts, but in the meantime, check out last year's guide--all stuff from my own personal holiday wish list.)


Unknown said...

My daughter would love the singing Elsa! I just don't know if I could stand hearing it all day! ha ha

Krista said...

We bought my daughter (she's 5) the FurReal Friends Unicorn and I can't wait to see her face when she gets it! Still debating about Elsa... LOL

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