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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

18 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Christmas is this week! How did that happen? Today will be spent frantically running last-minute errands and wrapping presents and presents and presents. And it's going to be in the 70s here tomorrow, you guys. That is just equal parts awesome and creepy. The photo above was taken after we went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular a few weeks back. Note the unzipped coat, the lack of gloves or hat. Usually around this time, my kids are bundled within an inch of their lives and complaining about the cold the minute they step outside. Yep, awesome. And creepy.

Whatever you're doing, or not doing, have a wonderful next few days and I'll see you next week! Here's a few fun things to check out in the meantime. 

I meant to put these lined workout pants in my holiday wish list post, but totally forgot. And now they're on major sale! They are my favorite gym pants ever. They're kind of baggy, so they're super comfy, but they're still streamlined enough that they look really cute and actually very polished. Plus they're lined, so they're perfect for chilly walks to the gym. I own the black already, but really want the gray now since I wear them so much. They're $64 right now, down from $98. Run!

Three fresh twists on holiday hairstyles. So pretty!

• This book about a premature baby who made national news got a great review in the New York Times. I can't wait to read it!

• Was anyone else obsessed with collecting stickers back in the '80s? I was. Big time. #LisaFrank4ever

• Is anyone else already vaguely disgusted with how much crap their kids are getting for the holidays? I am. That's why I loved Ilana's funny take on teaching kids to be grateful, not greedy.

• The theme of too-much-for-the-holidays is also why I LOVED this short video. The sight of these children overjoyed at receiving what essentially are school supplies will really make you think.

• Possibly the all-time most beautiful play kitchen.

• My favorite YouTube moms are back with a funny year-end wrap up

• This story is so sweet--and it totally makes me want to rip open my fireplace to see what's hiding in there.

• How binge-watching and video streaming have utterly changed the TV game.

• When you have millions of YouTube subscribers and you're still broke.

• The Onion tackles bringing your lunch to work. (I've read this at least five times and it made me laugh every time!)

• Warning: Reading this piece about how much money influencers like Kendall Jenner make per Instagram post may cause feelings of intense jealousy.

• Watermelon jerky sounds amazing.

And, in case you missed it, this week I...

• Named the 18 best beauty gifts. (This one was so fun to work on!)

• Shared my favorite gifts for little girls and little boys.

• Gave some great gift ideas for book lovers.

• Revealed what's on MY holiday wish list.


Theresa said...

Thanks for the cool ideas. I'm always looking for reading material over the holiday break.

Shann Eva said...

I can't believe how warm it's been either. I just read a personal review on that book, and since I have 2 preemies, I'm very interested in reading it. Merry Christmas!

Esther said...

Ah I WANT that play kitchen!!! So cute. Instead I bought my daughter the regular one for Christmas..haha. And such a sweet story about Santa's letters... love it. Thanks for the great links!

Mollie said...

And...that play kitchen is nicer than our actual kitchen. Merry Christmas! I've enjoyed all the new posts, your blog is one of my favorites!

Xo, Mollie @

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