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Friday, April 15, 2016

16 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

Cheery wreathes on one of my favorite homes in Hoboken

It's been quiet around here lately, I know. I'm sorry! I was out of town for a week (more on that soon!), and ever since, I've been writing stories like a madwoman. I have about six of them due in the next week (ahhh!). Then, hopefully, it will quiet down and I can jump back on the blog bandwagon.

But I'm here now! And ready to share a few fun links. Enjoy!

• I just finished When Breath Becomes Air last night, What a wonderful, powerful, gut-wrenching, yet incredibly hopeful book. I have never, ever cried as hard reading a book as I did during the last section of this one. But I don't want to scare you off: It's actually not depressing. And the writing is just so beautiful. Trust me on this one. You'll love it. (Bonus: It's also relatively short and it's a quick, easy read.) 

• I just bought these gold-and-black-patent Birks. I love them--they're so glam! (I mean, as glam as a pair of Birkenstocks can be...!)

• There was a very active post on my Facebook feed the other day where several of my most stylish friends (who, interestingly, all have very different styles) were going on and on, absolutely raving about this $79 shirt from...Ann Taylor! They all said it was superflattering and super versatile. So now, of course, I cannot wait to try it!

• I'm kind of obsessed with this $128 little black dress. It's so cute, you could easily dress it up or down, and the roominess around the tummy means you can wear it without having to suck your stomach in. So, basically: EVERY SINGLE THING I REQUIRE IN A DRESS.

• As a nervous flier who absolutely hates turbulence, this made me feel a bit better about the bumpy stuff.

• Playmats are a godsend when you have a baby. But they're usually ugly as hell. Enter these mats that are, dare I say, gorgeous. So sad they didn't have them when my kids were babies!

• This video from a man who is part of the mere 1 percent of people who survive a jump off the Golden Gate Bridge gives a powerful glimpse into the last-minute mind of a suicidal person. This is the line I couldn't get out of my head: "The millisecond my hands left the rail, it was instant regret."

• Um, hi cute funny bowl that's only $15. I need you.

• When the person behind you at a baseball game spies on your phone. 

• Is staying in the new going out? It is for me.

• Garlic bread pasta?! Get in my belly.

• When a reader calls child protective services...on a mommy blogger. Scary!

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Have a great weekend!


Betty said...

Love that Ann Taylor Shirt. I haven't shopped there in quite some time. I'll have to go and check it out. =) Found your post on Nikki's Blog and Business Facebook Page.

Unknown said...

LOVE those Birks!!! <3

Cindy S said...
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Cindy S said...

Great post and glad you're back! I love the little black dress! I love having curves but not the (non preggo) tummy bump that I can't seem to get rid any dress that helps mask that is a total A+in my book!

Shann said...

I can't believe that woman called CPS on that blogger. How ridiculous. I think the picture was hilarious, and of course it wouldn't be alcohol. Jeez.
ps. Love the Birks and the dress too.

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