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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why I've Been M.I.A. This Summer

Living their best life at a splash pad earlier this summer.

So...hiiiiii. Been awhile, huh?

I wish I had a great excuse--or at least an exciting one--for the lack of posting lately, but I don't. Here's what happened: I've been freelance writing like CRAZY over the past few months, and because of that, I found myself not being able to focus on producing quality posting here. And I didn't want to throw up some half-assed thing. So I took a week off. And then another week off. Oh, okay, what's one more week? And then suddenly, we're practically through August. Someone emailed me the other day concerned about my absence here, and it was at that moment that I actually realized just how long it's been. Eek. I basically took an accidental summer-long vacation.

But I'm back now. And I'm going to be better. I missed this space. And I missed you. 

To catch you up, here's a few fun things that I've been doing (and loving) this summer, so far:

What I've Been Writing...

• I did a three-part series of behind-the-scenes Bachelor scoop for Refinery 29 and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Here's my peek into what they really do (and spend) on beauty for the show, the fashion secrets, and what the contestants really eat while filming.

• A few more things I did for Refinery recently: a look into whether on not sheet masks actually do anything, the best beauty products for travel, and summer beauty swaps.

• I produced the 2016 beauty awards for The Knot! I chose the products, worked with the editors, wrote the story, shot a fun video--all on a freelance basis. It was such a cool project! You can see the winners in the fall issue of the magazine, which is on stands now. Or you can check out a version of the story here. (And be sure to scroll to the bottom for a video of me talking about what's in my makeup bag!)

• I also had (and have!) a ton of print stuff out now and coming soon. I'll keep you posted! 

What I've been buying...

• I found the BEST daytime shoes that I have been living in this summer. They are seriously my best-kept secret. I get lots of compliments on them and people cannot BELIEVE it when I tell them who makes them. Get this: They are by Teva. Yes! They're Tevas! The same brand that makes those crunchy flip-flop/Velcro shoes that that guy in your dorm used to wear! But these are like fancy, grown-up Tevas. They're walk-everywhere, wear-all-day comfy, but they're leather, so they still look cute. I bought both the black pair and the tan pair and I wear them with everything from denim cutoffs to dresses. I think I wore them 99 percent of the days so far this summer and I am not even kidding. 

• I bought this tee shirt at Madewell a few weeks back and can't stop wearing it now. Best, most flattering fit. I love it with shorts in the summer; I'll pair it with jeans and a cardigan in the fall. (And it's currently on sale!) Oh! And BTW: I recommend hanging it to dry, rather than putting it in the dryer. Mine shrunk a little when I used the machine...

• I recently tried Wander Beauty (model Lindsay Ellingson's line) for the first time and so far, I really like it! I've been wearing the Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Bronze for the past few weeks and I love it. I'll put on a quick, supersheer coat for day just to add a little something. If I go out (ha! it does happen, but not often...!), I'll pile a little more on and maybe add something darker in the outer corners for a little drah-ma. It's quick, so easy, and it doesn't crease in the crazy heat. Score!

• I re-started prescription retinoids a few months ago, and was fine for awhile, but my face finally got crazy dry and flaky a few weeks ago. I started using SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Cream, and after one night, my skin felt and looked so much better--super soft, kind of bouncy and firm, totally hydrated. I know that's a bold statement that sounds totally b.s.-y (and the product is certainly not cheap!), but so far, I'm a big fan. (And no, this is not sponsored!)

What I've been doing...

• We just got back from two weeks in Fenwick Island, Delaware! (With jaunts to Rehobeth and Ocean City, too.) I love it down there. Have you guys been? We had a yummy meal at Blue Moon, an even yummier meal at Papa Grande's, and great ice cream at Vanderwende's (get the mint chocolate chip!) and Blue Scoop (best chocolate peanut butter!). 

• Reading! I had heard a ton about All the Missing Girls being one of those "next Gone Girl" type of books, so I couldn't wait to pick it up. I thought it was just okay though. Definitely a page-turner--and a pretty quick read--but in the end, it was just kind of ehh for me. But I loved Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis. Extremely interesting (especially in today's political climate) and very well-written. (It's also a very quick, easy read if its non-fiction status scares you at all.)

• TV-wise, I've been mostly watching the news lately (can't help it!), but I've made time for fun stuff, too. I especially loved Stranger Things and The Night Of. Both pretty much pitch-perfect shows, if you ask me. So, what should I watch next on Netflix/On Demand/Amazon/iTunes? I'm open to suggestions!

Okay, so are we all caught up then? ;) Now, tell me: What have you been up to this summer?

I'll talk to you soon! Promise.



WorkingMomMagic said...

I was wondering where you have been but I am glad to hear you have been keeping busy doing such fun things!

Jenn Falik said...

Happy to have you back! xx

Stephanie said...

While you were away, it sounds like you had a ton of fun!

Shann Eva said...

Welcome back! I missed reading your posts, but it sounds like you had a really busy, fun summer. Can't wait to read some of your freelance work.

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