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Monday, November 21, 2016

Our Holiday Photo Mini Session

A few weeks back, I took the kids to a local park for a mini photo session with photographer Morgan Bayard. (She has photographed for us before at this party and this party!) This was actually my first time doing a mini session, which is essentially a "quickie" shoot where you get a block of just 20 minutes. It costs less than a full shoot, and honestly, it's better for little kids anyway, because very few of them want to be posing for an hour. (Case in point: this disaster of a holiday shoot.)

Although, truthfully, my kids couldn't even properly hold it together for the 20 minutes here. Even under the promise of ice cream, I spent the entire time standing behind Morgan and threatening to take away the ice cream, future treats, iPads, etc. They were acting so silly the entire time that I was genuinely worried that we wouldn't get any good shots. Luckily, we managed to snap a few cute ones. :)

I'll be using one of these for our holiday cards this year. I'm going to be ordering from Minted again, because we've always had such a great experience with them. I'll be revealing our card here soon! But if you're planning to order cards, now is a good time, just FYI, because Minted is having a 15 percent off sale throught tomorrow night. Use code HOLIDAY15.

(Oh! And I've linked to their clothes below, if you're interested. I'm obsessed with the Mini Boden outfit my daughter is wearing. I want to recreate it in my size!)

Any guesses as to which shot I'm using for our cards? ;)



Mandy Fredericks said...

Such beautiful pictures! It's hard to believe they weren't cooperating but I totally understand. My youngest looks at everything but the camera or is making a silly face lol! So hard to choose but I'd say you're going with the pic of your daughter hugging your son❤️ Can't wait to see your final picture!

WorkingMomMagic said...

We did a mini session once and it felt like such a cluster, but we LOVED how the pics ended up turning out! You got some great ones!!!

Shann Eva said...

I love your pictures! They really captured your kids' personalities, and they are absolutely adorable. I love the one where they are back to back holding hands, and the black and white in the sculpture.

Unknown said...

Very sweet photos! I love the photo of them holding hands. I wouldn't have known that you were coaching from behind the scenes. We just did our mini session last weekend and my 4 year old was less than cooperative (for the second year in a row - ugh!). Fortunately the photographer managed to get some great shots despite my toddlers being.. well... toddlery. haha

Unknown said...

We did a cousins mini shoot a few weeks back. 3 cousins, a 4 year old and 2 two year olds. That was tough! Lovely photos!

JLynnCorter said...

Aww, I love it! The pictures came out so beautiful!

Unknown said...

They are SO adorable! -April :)

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