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Saturday, November 5, 2016

This Vote's For You {Plus A Video!}

Grandma Kay and Grandma Eva

If you follow me on Twitter (or are Facebook friends with me in real life), you know that I am very politically outspoken on my personal social media accounts. But not here.

I have really tried to stay politically-neutral and not go there here on the blog. I'm breaking that self-imposed rule briefly today, though, because I really want to share a video project that I recently took part in. 

The video below is from #ThisVotes4U. It's a project that aims to inspire people to dedicate their vote for the first female presidential candidate to someone who, unfortunately, wasn't here to see this historic moment. I am featured very briefly towards the end around the 2:13 mark. Blink and you'll miss me! (Also, you may recognize one my blogger friends, Hitha Palepu of Hitha on the Go, in the video, too!)

I am dedicating my vote to my late grandmothers. My father's mother, Eva (pictured as a young girl, on the right, above), fled persecution in Eastern Europe to come to America with her family and build a new life. My mother's mother, Kay, (above left; I am holding her photo in the video below) volunteered for the war right after Pearl Harbor. She was immediately sent to Africa where she worked as an army nurse. Both of them were born before women had the right to vote, and both would have loved to have been here to see this day.

I am also, of course, dedicating my vote to my children. (And they are both very excited about their candidate!)

Finally, I know this post and video really emphasize the woman card, but let me just say this: I consider Clinton's gender to be a wonderful bonus, but it is not, in any way, the reason that I am voting for her. She is amazing, inspiring, and no, I don't care about the emails. I adore her, I am confident that she will fight for women, children, families, and the environment, and I am fully #WithHer. There is no "enthusiasm gap" here!

But, wherever you fall on the political spectrum, I do hope you'll vote this Tuesday. It's so important and we're lucky to be able to do it. I also hope you'll watch the video below--and that we're still friends after this post!  :)

Who else is #WithHer? And, if you are, who are you dedicating your vote to? Tell me below!


HOC said...

Love it! #ImWithHer

Unknown said...

Crying.Thank you so much for sharing! This election is about all of us. And Hillary will look out for everyone, not just the wealthy white minority.

Martha said...

Great post, Alyssa!

Michelle Ferante said...

Sitting here crying too. We truly need to put someone in office who will be for all the people. Great job with this and thank you!

Laurie McKnight said...

Thank you Alyssa, and God bless you!

Unknown said...

Shared! Thanks Alyssa!

Felicia said...

Love this!!!

Unknown said...

I'm with her!!!! Thanks for getting the message out!!!!!!

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