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Monday, March 20, 2017

When Your Kid Makes A YouTube Beauty Video

My daughter is what you could call a YouTube Superfan. She started by watching videos of kids (and adults!) opening toys or "surprise eggs." Soon she had moved on to tweens giving tours of their rooms, performing beauty tutorials, pranking each other, or playing Roblux (yes, she likes to watch videos of kids playing video games). 

She has been asking to do her own videos--and start her own YouTube channel--forever, and this weekend, we finally relented. There's just one video up right now, but it's pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

For the video, I gave her three fancy beauty products (she hadn't seen any of them before), and then she opened them on camera, tried them on, and gave her honest opinions. And, boy, does she have opinions! 

I know I'm biased, but she was really kind of a natural on camera! She definitely needs to learn to be a little "tighter" with her delivery (it gets rambling at times)--or I need to learn to properly edit--but it's really cute. And funny!

Please give it a view, and--if you want to make her day, give it a "like" or a comment. And if you want to make her year, you can subscribe to her "Sadie Sass" channel, so you'll get a notification when she uploads a new video.

Just think: You--and I--can say we knew her when. :)

So, what did you think? Do I have a YouTube star in the making?


shelah moss said...

You absolutely have a super star! She's a real natural. I see a bright future ahead of her on YouTube and in life.

Theresa A said...

She did a great job! She has a natural sense of humor which is fun to watch.

meech812 said...

Great job! My son is begging for a YouTube Channel. Ill have to show him this one!

Jennifer Corter said...

Aww how adorable! This is too cute!

Kate Morey said...

I should definitely take my small sister and make a video with her at handmadewritings!
How do you think, will she like the idea?

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hermilie johnson said...

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Tamizh Selvan said...

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