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Friday, March 10, 2017

18 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

This week, man. It started with my son taking a nosedive at the park and getting this shiner. (He's fine!) And ever since--unrelated to my son's smoky eye--I've just been a big time stressball. Not only do I have a major deadline for a huge, complicated story rapidly approaching, I've also been planning my daughter's seventh birthday party, which takes place tomorrow (eek!). 

So, I'm stopping here briefly to drop some links and say hi (hi!), then I'll head back to stalking sources for my story and furiously prepping favors for the par-tay.

Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you'll make it a good one! Here's some fun stuff to check out in the meantime.

• This Banana Republic dress is so pretty. I love the '20s vibe of the silhouette and it looks so flattering, right? And right now you can get 50% off (score!) with code BRFAMILY.

• This striped Anthro dress is just so cheery and fun.

• And this rainbow dress (for the kiddos!) is absolutely adorable. (Get 30% off with code JOY30.)

• Are you watching Big Little Lies on HBO? Please say you're watching it. It is SO. FREAKING GOOD. The acting is incredible (it's a career performance for Reese Witherspoon, for sure), the homes are insanely gorgeous (major real-estate porn), and the story itself is funny and captivating. And if you haven't read the book, I highly recommend that as well. (It's a quick, really fun read, so tear through that first if you haven't started watching the series yet.)

• Tory Burch one-pieces are my absolute favorite bathing suits. (They're not cheap, but they are really great quality, super flattering, and so cute!) This green one is next on my list.

• There was a fun beauty chat with Laura Dern in the New York Times recently. She raved about this Chanel lip crayon in Rose Violine, so now I'm dying to try it! (I'm not necessarily a die hard Laura Dern fan, but I love any lipcolor that's "your lips but better," any good lip crayon, and of course, anything Chanel.)

• Loved these hacks for getting the Anthropologie home look for less. (This patterned door knob DIY is particularly amazing.)

• If you need a good cry, here you go. A dying woman tells you why you should marry her husband after she's gone.

Random NYC real-estate news: So, there's this little cottage on top of a building in the Village that you can see from the street that I've always been obsessed with. Well, it's now available for rent! Only problem: Someone is going to need to give me the $19,000 every single month for rent. (Ugh.)

• Love this column from Dear Polly called "Am I Pretty?" Especially loved this section: "Our culture demands that women make an effort to look good, and then it demeans us for doing so. We’re either slobs or we’re high-maintenance girly girls. We are letting it all go as we age or we’re sad cougars chasing our youth." Sad but oh so true.

• In the moment, many of us have struggled with whether we should give money to panhandlers. (Will it just encourage them? Will they buy beer instead of food?) I know I have. That's why I loved this simple advice from the Pope (!) about what to do in these situations.

• Amber Rose's beauty routine was fun to read. She dyes her hair every four days!

• Why you shouldn't get your daughter's ears pierced at the mall. (FYI, I kind of love this, but my daughter never would have gone for it. We got hers pierced at Claire's in, yes, the mall.)

• This video of a baby moving in mom's belly is craaaazy.

And in case you missed it, I...

• Confessed about my own post-partum hair thinning.

• Revealed the four best drugstore mascaras.

• Shared pictures from our (kid-free!) vacation in St. Lucia.

• Cried my way through my daughter turning seven years old.


Chantal said...

I hope your son's eye is healing up well.
The rainbow dress is really cute!

Yankee Quipster said...

Nice shiner and the grin tells me it's probably not going to be his last. As for the panhandlers I give if I can but I prefer buying them a meal, if they turn me down I don't fret about it they have their own motives and I can't let their problems become my problems. Richard B

Unknown said...

You found so many cute products! We love anything from Anthropologie.

Unknown said...

Great way to get us caught up too. Sorry your little guy got a shinner, its so hard when our little ones get hurt

Unknown said...

Oh no! Sorry for the shiner! But yeah. Those can be a boys best friend lol.

Brandi Kennedy said...

What a fun list! I love Amber Rose, but CANNOT imagine finding time to dye my hair every four days - I'm lucky if I can get slathered in lotion in a timely manner and keep up with my face cream, lol.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I wish I could watch Big Little Lies. I LOVED the book but I don't have HBO. I'll have to watch if it comes on Netflix.

My daughter got her ears pierced at Claire's and was fine!

MiaBellaXO said...

This was such an interesting and fun list to read. My favourite was the 4 drugstore mascaras. Thanks for the share.

Unknown said...

Safest place to get ears pierced? The dermatologist. I had mine done only a few years ago in my 40s when I was already numb for laser. He rubbed a little bit of the same numbing product to my ears and it was easy-peasy and VERY sanitary.

Jasmine said...

This was a fun read. Hope your sons eye heals swiftly

Cynthia Nicoleti said...

Aww your son looks so happy but I feel so bad he was hurt. Thanks for the great things to check out. Will do !!

Unknown said...

So sorry about your sons eye, my almost two year old boy has gotten a few of these LOL 😉 Totally loved how this post went from clothes to crying, good luck on the deadline!

Krystal said...

The ear piercing - ouch! I have to say I am not looking forward to that request!

TheJerseyMomma said...

Why are the cutest dresses always for kids only? Seriously, that rainbow dress would be so cute for St. Patty's Day (for me! lol). Hope your kiddo's eye is better soon and that your daughter had a wonderful birthday!

Unknown said...


Nicole - Miss Sparkle said...

Poor little one.. he looks super brave though! Will check out some of your suggestions now :)

duffelbagspouse said...

Glad he's okay. I spent some time in St. Lucia and loved the walk down memory lane.

Jennifer L. said...

Aww love your recommendations! I have yet to watch Big Little Lies but keep hearing how amazing it is. I have HBONOW so I'll be watching the pilot this weekend.

Unknown said...

It looks like you're fully booked for the weekend and the week. Good to know that you son is doing fine! I how my boys play when they were much smaller! Crazy! Thanks for sharing these stuff!

JLynnCorter said...

That rainbow dress is just adorable!

Unknown said...

Awww poor little guy, I hope he gets better. The rainbow dress is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. My name is Brandy and im new in the blogging community. Its nice to meet all of you. Have a blessed day

Thaw Master said...

Aww, love your suggestions! I presently can't seem to observe big little lies however continue hearing how astounding it is. It would appear that you're completely reserved for the end of the week and the week. Great to realize that your child is doing fine! I how my young men play when they were a lot more modest!

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Emma Mia said...

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Nick Hunter said...

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