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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Baby is 7 Years Old Today

Posing on her birthday morning. (And how about that '90s-esque outfit complete with choker?!)

Seven years ago.
My daughter turns seven years old today. Seven. Wow. It seems...old, right? As my friend Andrea, who is also the mother of a seven year old, said: "Seven seems like a real person."

And a real person, she definitely is. My seven year old loves clothes (as anyone who follows me on Instagram knows). She loves playing Roblox on her iPad. She loves watching cooking shows, particularly when they involve kids. (This is where she learned about the "raspberry coulis" she insisted on adding to my homemade boxed birthday cake last month.) For her birthday this year, my seven year old is getting slightly more mature gifts like a purse, a pair of earrings, and an emoji pillow, whereas in years past, the presents were all toys. My seven year old even has newly pierced ears! 

It's official: My little girl is growing up. She can read. She can successfully sleep over at a friend's house. She can even talk back to me! (Yep. It's not all roses. She often tells me I'm the "worst mom in the world"--usually in response to some barbaric offense I've committed like not letting her have a second Kit Kat for dessert or asking her to put her shoes on.)

But my seven year old is also still my baby. She still calls me mommy or mama. She wants to snuggle with me if we're watching TV. She wants me to walk her to school--and into her classroom--every morning. She tells me she wants to look like me when she grows up. She wants me to lay down with her every night while she falls asleep. And even though I always have a million things to do after tucking her in, I lay down with her. Partly because she usually falls asleep within minutes, and partly because I know these days won't last forever. There will come a time--sooner rather than later, I fear--when she won't want me to be there while she falls asleep. It will be "get out of my room, mom!" while she texts boys under the covers. 

Oh god. 

But until that day comes (will it be 16? 14? earlier??), I'll enjoy the in-between goodness that is her seventh year when she's certainly not a baby girl, but not really a big one either.

Sadie, I love everything about you so much. You're the best "real person" I know. Happy birthday.

(a.k.a. Mommy. a.k.a. The Meanest Mom In The World)


beautylogicblog said...

Love this. My boy will be 7 in June and he can't sleep unless I'm next to him. Happy Birthday to your princess!!

Unknown said...

Mine is turning 3 and I have no clue where the time has gone. I am going to be the same and still hopefully sleeping next to her as well. Love the pictures!

R's Rue said...

So great.

Sondra Barker said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Kids grow up to darn fast, but it's a beautiful thing to witness it.

TheJerseyMomma said...

Aw! Happy Bday to your little sweetie! I know the years go so fast!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Seven is such a fun age, enjoy!

Theresa said...

She looks so grown up! It makes me really sad because my little girl is turning 7 this month too, and I can't believe what a big difference in maturity it is from 6 to 7.

Deanna said...

Aww, they grow up so fast. My daughter just turned 8. I also see glimpses of a big girl and a little girl!

Unknown said...

Awww... Happy Birthday Baby!!! Kids definitely grow up fast. Thanks for sharing with us <3

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