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Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Favorite Summer Beauty Products

Trying beauty products has been a part of my job for the past 15 or so years. But to be totally honest, I haven't always been great at that part of the job. My problem has always been that when I find things I like, I tend to stick with them, and then I'm hesitant to switch. But lately, I've been much better about trying new things, and lo and behold, I've found some really great stuff! 

So, say hello to nine beauty products I'm absolutely loving right now. Most are new, a few are tried-and-true faves, but all are pretty much guaranteed to make your summer just a little more beautiful. 

Bath & Body Works Shower Jelly - This one is actually on here because my kids are obsessed with it. I use it to bribe them to take showers on days when they're not in the mood, because they love it that much. It smells fantastic, it feels like Jello, and it cleanses. What's not to love? 

Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream - You know I love me a good blowout, right? Well, this is a beautiful blowout cream for days I want my hair a bit on the straighter side. It de-frizzes, shortens your blowdrying time, and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. Plus, it has that heavenly Oribe smell, which at the end of the day, is really what it's all about.

eos Lemon Drop Lip Balm - I am very, very good about applying sunscreen, but I often forget to protect my lips. (Which is dumb. Lips are skin. And they can get skin cancers.) So I've recently gotten in the habit of using this SPF 15 balm, which isn't hard to do since a) the ball shape is fun and addicting to use, and b) it smells, deliciously, like lemonade.

Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 - I just realized that I wrote about this last month, but honestly, it's that good. It has the lightest, most perfect texture, it sinks in immediately, and it has a yummy licorice smell. I use this every single day on my face, neck, and ears, then follow-up with the Neutrogena below. 

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 50 - This is the second sunscreen I use ever day on my face, and yes, I use two separate sunscreens there. (I learned that genius tip from this interview I did with beauty expert Courtney Dunlop.) I apply two--one chemical and one physical--to get maximum protection. The Supergoop (which is chemical) goes all over first. Then, I apply the Neutrogena, which is a physical blocker, on my nose (which burns very quickly--even with sunscreen--in the sun), my forehead, and the tops of my cheeks where I have a bit of melasma on one side, since it's super important to protect melasma, because it WILL get worse with sun exposure. And regardless of my elaborate two-step process, I love this sunscreen! The name is very appropriate. It has a high level of zinc, but goes transparent, fast. You look white for a second or two, then it disappears almost immediately when you rub it. It's my favorite zinc sunscreen I have ever used. (Also: Cool deal alert! If you order two of these--or $20 worth of any Neutrogena products--on right now, you get a free gift.)

Wander Beauty Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow - I've actually mentioned this one before, too, but it's really so good. Cream shadows look so much better than powders in the summer (they go with the whole dewy vibe of the season; powders can look dry and cakey), and I love these colors! I've been wearing Bronze for awhile now. Dove Grey is a more recent find. Both are perfect for day. For night, I apply them a little heavier and then add a darker shade along the lashlines and at the outer corners.

Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer - I have long loved Benefit Hoola theory. But it's really too dark for my pale skin. Hoola Lite is perfect! It's like a barely-there bronzer for people who want to look a little healthier, a little less washed out, but not TAN. (Also, in case you missed it, my daughter hilariously tried it--and a few other beauty products--in this video!)

The Body Shop Coconut Hair Shine - Ok, this is one of my all-time favorite beauty products, and not a new find, but it's incredible. My hair can get really poufy in the summer, and just a dab of this waxy balm gets rid of any frizz or puffiness. And one tin lasts (literally) years. It's the best thing ever! 

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact SPF 50+ - I'm so into this right now! It's a buildable, medium-coverage compact foundation that also has anti-aging ingredients and SPF 50. It is sooo easy to apply and makes me look like I have good skin--when I really don't, actually. Just keep in mind: It's not a great idea to rely on the SPF in any foundation as your only sunscreen. People almost never apply enough to get the SPF listed, so I think of SPF in makeup as an awesome bonus, not my primary protection.

So, tell me: What are some beauty products you guys are loving right now? I'd love to hear your recommendations below.

Oh! And just a heads up: In a few days, I'll be running a fun giveaway that contains another one of my favorite summer beauty products. Stay tuned! (And be sure to follow me on Facebook, because I'll be announcing the giveaway there once it's up.)



Anonymous said...

I've never tried ANY of these! I do love Netrogena products though :)

Holly said...

I had no idea EOS had a lemon lip balm! I love lemon anything, so I'll definitely have to check that out :) xx

Unknown said...

I just ordered the cheek palette with the Hoola Lite bronzer and I'm so excited to try it out!!

xo, Kimberly

Summer @ Coffee With Summer said...

That Neutrogena sunscreen is the best!! Perfect for your face.

Mistle said...

I love the hoola bronzer!!! I need to check out these other products! That coconut hair shine sounds amazing!

Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

I love that you're raising awareness about SPF! More people need to use it

Kathryn Parry said...

Lemon drop lip balm? Yes please!!!!

Unknown said...

I need to try most of them. I need to take care of myself during summer

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