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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Packing List: Beach Vacation

vacation packing list
dress // bikini (on sale!) // sun hat // rash guard // pineapple towel // shorts // cooler bag // sandals (on sale!) // deodorant // sunglasses // straw bag // book
We're heading out for vacation soon! We'll be hitting the Delaware/Maryland beaches, then flying out to my brother in law's lakehouse in Michigan, then heading back to Delaware! It's going to be a lot of beach time, pool time, ice-cream-cone-eating time, and just hanging out and (hopefully) relaxing. It's not one of the super glamorous blogger vacations that we all drool over on Instagram, but it's basically exactly what I need right now. 

Here's a quick look at a few things I'm bringing, and a few things I'd love to bring--and just might be ordering soon.

Kate Spade Sundress - I've had my eye on this dress for months. It's a fun, more structured twist on the traditional embroidered Mexican style, and it looks like it's really flattering.

J.Crew Bikini - Seersucker for the win! (And the top is on sale!)

Eric Javits Sun Hat - I try to always wear a hat for sun protection when I'm outside, but bucket hats/fedoras aren't really big enough to provide adequate shade, and I would feel like a crazy person walking around the city with the same ginormous straw hat that I would wear by the pool. This is the perfect, happy medium! The brim is smaller than a traditional sun hat, but quite a bit wider than your basic bucket. My friend Dawn has one and I've admired it forever. Now, I'm finally going to spring for one for myself! (Bonus: It's made of a squishy, straw-like material that allows you to stuff it in your bag without destroying its shape.)

J.Crew Tropical Stripe Rash guard - I no longer go anywhere near a pool without a rash guard. It's just not worth it; the ultra-UV-sensitive skin on your shoulders and chest really needs that extra protection. And how fun is this one??

Pineapple Beach Blanket - Who wouldn't love a giant, plush, and oh-so-cheery pineapple towel? And unlike similar towels, which can run around $50, this one is under $20!

J.Crew Ruffle Chambray Shorts - Am I the only one who thinks it's really hard to find good shorts? That's why I love these: The ruffles add a cute, interesting detail, and they're not too, too short. "Beach Please" Cooler Bag - Cooler bags are one of those things you don't really think to bring to the beach, but once they're there, you're so glad you have them. (Cold water, juice, or--let's be honest--rosé, anyone?) This one also gets big bonus points for being adorable.

Dolce Vita sandals - When I'm going on a lazy trip like this, I leave the heels at home. (I always think heels look out of place anywhere near a beach, anyway, am I right?) Instead, if I go out to a slightly more fancy-ish dinner, I wear gold flat sandals, which can also double as a nicer shoe for day. These are really pretty, comfy, and on sale for just $62!

Schmidt's deodorant - You guys, I have tried to wean myself off antiperspirant and switch to natural deodorant for years, but I've never been able to do it. I'm probably going to do a longer post on this product soon, but let's just say, it's the only natural deo I've ever found that actually works. (And as a longtime beauty editor, I've pretty much tried them all). It's really amazing. It comes in lots of different scents, but I love this lime one. So refreshing!

Kate Spade sunglasses - I always love Kate Spade sunglasses and this shape works really well for my face. I'm never brave enough to wear crazy glasses, so I love that these look normal from the outside, but have a fun, colorful stripe-y pattern on the inside.

Permanently Poolside straw bag - So fun, and--since "permanently poolside" is what I hope to be--totally accurate.

In a Dark, Dark Wood book - My goal is to get a ton of reading done on this trip. (I mean, is there anything better than sitting next to a pool reading? NO.) I just finished a really great page turner called Behind Closed Doors (get it!), so I wanted to read something really good next. This one is supposed to be awesome, and since Reese Witherspoon just bought the rights to turn it into a movie, so you know it has to be good. (Also, if you've read any good books lately, please let me know. I am always looking for recs!)


Erin said...

Very cute stuff! I love the colors of the rash guard.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh !! Such a cute collection!! I love those adorable shorts so much!!! Shell

meech812 said...

I've been all about rash guards this summer! You found the bomb! The tropical JCrew is amazing!

Marie Novak said...

I love the rash guard and the Beach Please cooler! Such a great collection! I think I might want it all! Don't tell my husband ;)

Madi said...

good list! ah now I need to take a beach vacation!

shane said...

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