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Friday, August 18, 2017

14 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

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Photo by Alisha Johns
As I mentioned yesterday, we are heading out soon to go on vacation! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots of photos and videos of beaches, ice cream cones, and some super cute kids. :)

Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you make it a great one. Here's a few fun links to check out in the meantime.

• I had to do a doubletake at this one: This maxi dress looks super flattering, comes in so many different colors, and costs $68!

• I recently mentioned a beautiful, flowy rainbow skirt as one of my August favorites. Well, now it's on sale!

• I already told you that the next book on my list is In A Dark, Dark Wood (recommended by Reese Witherspoon!), but I just downloaded a few more for my trip that look really good: The Good Daughter (sounds spooky and suspenseful!) and The Breakdown (it's the new book by the woman who wrote Behind Closed Doors, which I just finished and loved).

• Speaking of books, Grace always gives great recommendations, so I loved her August reading list!

• I really want these sneakers.

• It's a lipgloss and a fidget spinner, in one. (I actually thought this was a joke when I first saw it, but nope--it exists!)

• Ilana has an amazing list of 21 children's books that teach kids to be kind and inclusive. (Let's all load up on these so our kids turn out better than those idiots carrying tiki torches in Charlottesville.)

• "The currents of family life hit me hard on the beach every summer. Watching people with their babies, their toddlers, their school age children, their adolescents. Watching the groups of adolescents on their own, without their parents. It’s like being a part of everyone else’s stage of life, while at the same time being neatly sorted into your own category (empty nester parents here with no children, actually reading the books they brought to the beach)." >> I loved this beautiful essay about the beach, and it will make me think about it so differently now when I'm on it in a few days!

I've talked about a few of my favorite podcasts previously. Just found this list recommending several more podcasts and there are so many on there that sound great. I've already downloaded a bunch of them.

• This Game of Thrones-themed baby shower is so awesome.

• To stay married, embrace change.

And in case you missed it, I...

• Shared my beach vacation packing list.

• Threw a cool Spider-Man birthday party for my son.

• Gushed about my favorite things for August: clothes, beauty products, the best thing that ever happened to smoothies, and lots more.


Theresa said...

You've always got such great picks! I could use some new sneakers. Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

Im totally hunting down that lip gloss fidget spinner. If my son can have ten for himself I want a FAB one for me!

Anonymous said...

I love those adorable sneakers!!! I'm typically a converse girl.... I've got a built in closet to house them LOL but I could see myself wearing these and I love all the colors to choose from!!! Shell

Unknown said...

You have some awesome finds. I really like that maxi dress!

Maggie said...

Omg that GOT baby shower!!! Why didn't I know of this sooner! Absolutely love it.

Unknown said...

I love that list of books encouraging kids to be kind! It is so important!

Unknown said...

Thanks for such a descriptive list! Such a good idea the GoT babyshower

Unknown said...

OMG GOT baby shower is amazing! i love it!

Grace said...

I am very grateful for sharing such information.

Anonymous said...

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