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Monday, December 18, 2017

My Holiday Wish List

If you need last-minute gifts for a friend, a sister, or yourself, I've got you covered. Here's what I'd personally love to find under the tree this year.

1. Halogen Wool & Cashmere Hi/Low Tunic Sweater: I already own this sweater in both black and navy, and I'd love another color like this soft pink. It's the perfect length (great with jeans or leggings), it's so soft, and best of all, it's on sale right now for $89!

2. Rebecca Minkoff Slouchy Beanie with Headphones: When I'm commuting or just walking around town, I'm always listening to podcasts. The headphones built in to this cute hat would make it so much easier--and so much warmer!

3. Coravin Wine System: When it comes to drinking wine, I have two problems: 1) I'm hit or miss with corkscrews, so I'm horrible at opening it, and 2) I rarely drink it at home, because I usually just want a single glass and don't want to open an entire bottle only to end up wasting it. But this cool gadget solves both of these problems. It inserts a tiny needle through the cork, so you can get only as much (or as little) wine as you want, and then the cork reseals itself, preserving the rest of the bottle!

4. Eberjey Gisele PJ Set: I was recently given the nightshirt version of this as a gift, and I love it; it is made from what is seriously the softest fabric I have ever felt. But in the winter I need some bottoms, so I'd love to add this pj set to my collection. (Because you know how much I like pjs that are comfy and cute these days, right?) 

5. Balenciaga Metallic Edge Nano City AJ Crossbody Bag: This is a definite splurge, but oh em gee, I love it! Here's why: I've always loved Balenciaga bags, and these days I live for a little crossbody bag, and this is both! A mini Balenciaga crossbody in dove gray leather with GOLD HARDWARE! Isn't it beautiful? [insert heart-eyes emoji here]

6. Mossimo Embellished Satin Sneakers: Ok, truth be told, these are the one thing on this list that I actually already own. (Or will own very soon. I fell in love with them while putting this post together and was really worried they'd sell out, so I ordered them for myself--and also a friend!--immediately. They're in transit!) Because, how great are they? They're comfy slip-on sneakers in blush pink embellished with crystals and pearls, and they cost (drumroll)...$27.99!  

7. Sandisk iXpand Base for iPhone: One of my biggest fears in life is losing my digital photos. Yes, I have the Cloud, but you never know with that! And yes I have them backed up, but I'd be lying if I said I consistently and regularly back them up. That's why I need this cool device. It makes backing up your photos as easy is plugging in your phone. That's because every time you plug it in to charge (so every night, or possibly even more often for me), it automatically backs up all of your photos onto the base. So awesome!

8. Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar: I love my iPhone 7+, but I passionately hate that they combined the place where you plug in your headphone and charger. I often find myself on the train or in an Uber with a portable charger in one hand, my headphones in the other, and my phone sitting there between them with 20% juice. I usually end up charging the phone and sitting there in silence. It's the worst! This genius little gadget would save me. It has two little ports, so you can charge and listen with your headphones at the same time. Heaven!

9. Hermes Apple Watch: Another dream item, but...a girl can dream, right? I love my (regular, old) Apple Watch, but I can tell it's on its last legs. I love the buttery black leather band of this one--and it even comes in the signature orange box!

10. Madewell Simple Crossbody Bag: Just realized that I have two Madewell items on this list. And two crossbody bags. And, um...two pink sherpa items...! But it's so cute, no? And not super pricey. Bonus! You can get 20 percent off with code ADDTOCART.

11. Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit SneakersI'm obsessed with my black Flyknit Nikes. (They are sooo comfortable!) I've been on the hunt for more colors, and obviously, I love the shade of these. And they're on sale!

12. Madewell Pink Sherpa Popover Top: (What can I say, I like pink, okay??) This looks like an old school Patagonia in a pretty rose shade. So perfect for super cold days. And once again, you can get 20 percent off with code ADDTOCART.

And if you want more ideas, here's what was on my holiday wish list last year, in 2015, and in 2014. And here are the best beauty gifts available right now!


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