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Friday, January 19, 2018

16 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

This week was a flurry of beauty events and kid stuff. (In other words...kind of like most weeks!) I was "helping parent" in my daughter's class the other day, which was so much fun! It's really cool to observe how your kid acts in a school setting, so I highly recommend it if your school allows it, and you can swing it.

My kids also tried skiing for the first time this week! I stayed in the (very-crowded-but-much-warmer) lodge, but they did it! My daughter loved it (and is actually going back this weekend); my son tried it for about 15 minutes, fell on his butt once, then decided he'd rather be inside. Guess which one takes after mom?

This weekend, I'll be hanging out with the little dude, and hopefully doing a lot of reading and relaxing. I'm also checking out a Springstreen cover band tonight with some friends. Should be fun! Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope it's a great one. Here's a few fun links to check out in the meantime.

• These are my new favorite workout pants. I wear them for pilates--and then end up living in them the rest of the day. They are flattering, super comfy, and surprisingly warm. (I also love that the little detail down the side of the leg looks like leather, even though it's not.) And they are on *major sale* right now! I have the burgundy, but at this price, I am going to order the black (and maybe the oatmeal, too) today. One note: I recommend sizing down. I ordered my typical Athleta size (medium) and they were gigantic on me. I had to exchange them for a small. 

• I am dying to try this sunscreen. I mean, how appealing is the name "Unseen Sunscreen?!?" It's supposed to feel like n-o-t-h-i-n-g! (Plus this brand is top notch, so you know the protection will be very effective.)

• Earlier this week, I shared eight new books that are supposed to be amazing and are on my wishlist right now. Well, this is the first book I'm reading off the list, and already, it's hard to put down!

• You know those fur-lined loafer mules that it seems like every high-end blogger is wearing? Well, check out the TARGET version. They basically look identical!

• As I mentioned when I shared my 2018 goals, I'm starting a newsletter this year! It will be cool, I swear, and I promise not to clog your inbox. Won't you (please!) sign up here?

• I'm of the age where Sassy magazine was everything to me way back when. I had a subscription for years, would pour over each new issue for hours when it arrived, and spent way too much time dreaming of being chosen for the Reader-Produced issue. (Spoiler alert: I was never chosen. But years later, when I worked for ex-Sassy staffer Kim France at Lucky, I told her this, and she said: "Well, looks like we made a big mistake!" That felt really good--but junior-high me still would've loved to have been chosen!) ANYWAY, Sassy just turned 30 this year, which makes me feel ancient. Loved this look back.

• I too have very strong feelings about putting vegetables in mac n' cheese (DON'T DO IT), so the guy in this funny video feels like my spirit animal.

• For anyone stuck at home with their kids during the recent snowstorms, this Parenting Blizzed Bingo card will hit very close to home (and make you laugh!).

• Who knew Ellen Pompeo was the highest paid woman on TV? And who knew she was such a badass? This is an amazing (and refreshingly honest!) interview about speaking up for yourself--and getting what you deserve.

• One of my 2018 goals is decluttering. And while I'm sure my home will never look as perfectly organized and Insta-ready as the home of Lauren Conrad, hers sure is inspirational!

• And while we're on the subject of decluttering, I should probably Marie Kondo my kids' toys.

• I'm super late to the party, but I recently discovered YouTuber Jackie Aina, and I'm already addicted to her videos. She is hilarious--and so talented. But some of her videos also deal with serious topics (in a funny way!). This video was an eye opener to me. It's about the new foundation launch from Tarte and about how the shades in the collection were anything but inclusive. I love Tarte so much, but it was a good example of how companies in general need to try a lot harder. It's definitely worth a watch.

• Lists with productivity tips are usually deadly boring and not helpful. But there were some good ones here!

And in case you missed it, I...

• Shared my 2018 goals/resolutions.

Wore a $46 sweater and $56 boots. (And both are pretty darn awesome, right???)

• Gave five beauty-editor-approved winter skincare tips.

Have a great weekend!


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Just when I think the invati stuff can't get any better they reformulated it! I'd love to know if it can restore my hair to 5 year ago levels since I haven't had any kids or illnesses to explain the hair loss!

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