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Friday, June 29, 2018

18 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

melania's jacket
Love this drawing by @melseysillustrations (She is selling prints of it, too!)

I've been pretty MIA for the last week or so. Besides the news--which has been relentless and pretty tough to take--I've been swamped with "mom stuff," namely shuttling my kids to various camps and dealing with that whole thing, which it turns out, is way more work and stress than it should be! (Speaking of the news, I fell in love with the drawing above when I stumbled on it on Instagram. I love everything about it, including that it kind of looks like it could be a portrait of my daughter and I! If you love it, too, you can purchase a print here.)

This weekend, we're having friends over to our lakehouse to celebrate the 4th a little bit early. Then we're doing some family stuff, and yes, a little more decluttering! (If you follow my Instagram Stories, you might know that we've been decluttering like crazy. And now we're getting a dumpster at our house for the second time this month!) 

Anyway, whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you make it a great one. Here's a few fun things to check out in the meantime.

• I pretty much live in denim shorts during the summer. My latest purchase: this pair from Madewell. I love the visible buttons, the fit is great, and the length is perfect (not too long, not too short).

• Just finished The Arrangement and loved it! It was a quick, fun read that I couldn't put down. The premise is interesting (it's about a couple that decides to have an open marriage for a six-month period), the setting is smart and familar (a yuppie-ish New York community), and it's actually laugh-out-loud funny in parts. Kind of the perfect thing for a vacation or beach read.

• And before that, I tore through Something in The Water, which I picked up because it's the latest pick in Reese Witherspoon's book club, and that woman has a serious knack for finding great books. This one is one of those books that really grabs you and doesn't let go. It took me two days to read and I was late to many things during that time because I could not stop reading it. This is definitely going to become a movie at some point, too, I'm sure (it would be perfect as one!), so definitely worth reading now!

 And finally on the books thing: I just started reading Beartown. After hearing rave after rave about it being one of the best books people have read in their lifetime, I had to check it out.

• My other love: clothes! From the gold detailing to the sleek navy shape, this maxi dress is absolutely stunning.

• So in love with these gorgeous tablecloths! Love the patterns and all the beautiful colors. They also work as a beach blanket or coverlet, but I'm excited to use them for outdoor entertaining in my new backyard. (They're--finally--supposed to be done with the backyard reno today. Eek!)

• Speaking of tableware/outdoor entertaining, I'm obsessed with everything in the new Aerin Lauder for Williams Sonoma collection. I want it all (especially the ice buckets!), and I'm really considering buying a few pieces now, because most of the collection is currently on sale, and you can get free shipping with code JULY.

• This new Keurig makes legit lattes and cappuccinos from any K-cup. It even steams the milk and makes foam. I WANT IT SO BAD!

• Do you guys use top sheets on your bed? I haven't in years (they're the devil!), so I definitely appreciated this piece about how top sheets are becoming passe

• I wrote about my must-have summer beauty products for the BJ's Wholesale Club blog. Check it out!

• New skin cream does "something." (Lol!)

• I'm dying to try drone photography after seeing these amazing photos.

• News you can use: which wine pairs best with Chinese takeout.

• This video of Asian women taking off their (very elaborate) makeup blows my mind. (How are these the same people?!?)

• WOW. This is quite possibly the best campaign ad I have ever seen. (I can't stop watching it!)

• To bring attention to the heartbreaking policy of separating children from the parents at the border--and to remind us all that these are real people and real lives--my friend Monica met with a mother and child who had fled their home country to come to America. The now five-year-old little boy spent 700 (!) days in baby jail. Definitely worth reading their story.

And in case you missed it, I...

• Adopted kittens from Beth and Howard Stern. (Yes, that Howard Stern!)

• Got great deals on men's grooming products.

Have a great weekend!


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