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Friday, January 18, 2019

17 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

How was your week? Mine was busy, but fun. On Wednesday, I went with my friends at PureWow's The Coterie to go see Mean Girls on Broadway. As much as I loved the movie, I kind of had low expectations for the show, but it was so good! A great adaptation of the movie and so funny. I laughed out loud throughout! And the actors were amazing--especially Regina George, Damien, Karen, and Gretchen. I loved it! 

And now, the weekend is here, and so is winter. it seems. It's flurrying here right now, and we're supposed to get a bunch more snow this week. I'm not happy about that, but at least it will present a good excuse to stay inside and do some reading. (If that's you, too, I have some great book recs below!) Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope it's a great one. Here's a few fun links to check out in the meantime. 

• J.Crew rollneck sweaters were huge when I was in college. I had a navy one back in the day. I love that they're back now! I'm wearing this pink one today and I really like it. (They modernized the style with a more flattering, less oversized fit, thank god.)

• I had heard great things about the book Lilac Girls and finally read it last week. Wow. I loved it so much! It's an amazing, heartbreaking story and one of my favorite books that I've read in a long time. Highly recommend picking it up. Right before that I read A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult, which I also recommend. I thought it was okay/pretty good throughout, but then was totally wowed by a couple of great twists towards the end. Really good and a fairly quick read. And I just finished One Day in December, which was a Reese Witherspoon book club pick (and I really have always loved Reese's recommendations). I don't usually go for relationship/dating fiction (this is very much in the vein of a Love Actually type of story), so I wasn't sure about this for awhile in the beginning, but I ended up really liking it a lot. And I actually had tears in my eyes at one point, which really surprised me! Also totally recommend this one, because it's a good read and it's definitely going to be turned into a movie and you'll want to have read the book first!

• Love Grace's guide to buying your first Chanel bag.

• As a beauty editor, who has spent over a decade hearing (and then drumming into the heads of readers) that wearing SPF very single day is an absolute must, reading this article, which basically says the opposite, pretty much blew my mind. Let me add that I am not going to be convinced by one article--and I'm not slowing down my sunscreen use (especially because the article only addressed skin cancer, not the wrinkles/aging that are cauased by the sun!). But it's a very interesting read, and I'll be curious to see follow-up pieces about it.

• How pretty is this braided, beribboned bun

• Super inspired by my friend Meghan's outfit here. How cute does she look?!

• Here's the beauty secret no one wants to tell you: The best skincare trick is being rich.

• I love this piece by Ali from Inspiralized on that point when living healthy becomes unhealthy

• This story of a stolen bikini design reads like a mystery novel. So good!

• About a year ago, a woman in my industry (who I had met and worked with a few times but did not know well) died sudddenly when she was pregnant with her second child. It was, obviously, a very, very sad story. Now her widowed husband has penned an incredibly beautiful, heart-wrenching essay on leaving New York City after his wife's death. Do not miss it. 

• If you're looking for a new jarred pasta sauce, don't miss this thorough review of 129 different sauces--every single one sold in the state of New Jersey! (most are sold nationally, though). You won't believe what scored #1. 

• This made me LOL: "I'm Running In 2020, But I Must Admit, Even I Don't Know Which White Guy I Am."

And in case you missed it, I...

• Listed my 2019 health resolutions.

• Shared how I'm going green this year. (Hint: It includes a great deal for free stuff!)

• Named the best beauty products of 2018.

• Gave some blowout inspiration.

• Announced my Favorite Things.

Have a great weekend!


We're the Joneses said...

How fun to see Mean Girls on Broadway!! I bet that was so fun to watch. I love hearing new book recommendations, I'm excited to look up all of these that you recommended! Have a great weekend!

Meghan Donovan said...

Thank you so much for including my post, Alyssa! I saw Mean Girls last week and loved it! I, too, went in with low expectations! Miss you lady - let's get together soon!!

Primp And Prime Beauty said...

Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies of all time! The amount of times I use direct quotes from that movie is scary lol I would love to see it on Broadway!

Indya said...

These are my favourite kind of posts! I love that bloggers are always so willing to share what other bloggers have written in hopes that it will help someone else out, or inspire them ☺️ I really liked the piece on when living healthy becomes UNhealthy, as some people really do take living healthy way too far!

L.M.N said...

That story about Kit is so incredibly sad and what a moving piece her husband wrote.

The Bookish Alix said...

That outfit is adorable! And that skincare article is so good.

Julie T. Kirwan said... said...

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