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Friday, August 30, 2019

13 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Long-sleeved swimsuit, J.Crew. Hat, Anthropologie. Sunglasses, Electric. Book: The Whisper Man

We're in Fenwick Island, Delaware, right now for my annual veg-out-at-my-parents'-house trip. We've done a lot of pool time, a lot of playground time, a beach day, and a lot of relaxing, which means ipad time for them and READING for me. (They start school in a few days, and mom needs a vacation, too. I refuse to feel guilty about the gross amounts of screen time they've had over the last few days.)

I hope you all are enjoying the last few days of summer (wahh!), and that you have something fun (or nothing at all--I love that even more) planned for this weekend. Here's a few fun links to check out in the meantime.

• I'm going to be on a podcast! I taped an episode of Laura Tremaine's awesome and super smart podcast 10 Things to Tell You earlier this week. It was so fun and I can't wait for you all to hear it! It's going to air next week, and I'll be sure to share a link. We talk all about our favorite books of the summer!

• September Book of the Month picks are out! I thought this was a really, really good month. I had a really tough time choosing! In the end, I went with Wild Game for my pick (I've heard it's incredible) and If Only I Could Tell You as my add-on. (Tender Land would have been another add-on for me, but I happen to have an advance copy of it.) Quick reminder: If you're not yet a Book of the Month member, you can use my link to sign up and you'll get a free book! (PS: You should be a BOTM member. I'm obsessed! More on why I love it here.)

• Speaking of reading, I've done a ton of it since I've been on vacay. Here's what I've read and loved in the past month: The Gifted School (cray cray parents battle to get their kids into a new school for gifted children), Park Avenue Summer (Mad Men meets magazines in this fictional take on Helen Gurley Brown's reinvention of Cosmopolitan magazine in the 60s), American Predator (a heart-stopping non-fiction book--that reads like a really good crime novel--about the terrifying serial killer you've never heard of), The Beekeeper of Aleppo (the harrowing tale of a couple who must flee Syria during the war. Beautifully written with a twist. Reminded me of The Kite Runner!), We Came Here to Forget (a smart, engrossing romance/family drama with some definite twists/reveals), The Need (part sci-fi novel with some INSANE twists/part societal commentary on motherhood. This is definitely the craziest book you'll read this year), I'd Rather Be Reading (a non-fiction love letter to reading that any reader will relate to! Also, just noticed it's free on kindle unlimited or only $7 for the hardcover right now!), and the audiobook of The Rainbow Comes and Goes (Anderson Cooper and his mom Gloria Vanderbilt write letters to each other about their lives, so that they will have no unanswered questions between them. Fascinating and so beautiful--and I really think the audiobook is a must with this one!). 

• I ordered this under-$100 lacy going-out top from Anthropologie last week and I love it! I got the berry color, which is very unlike me. (I really like the black version, too, but I already have something very similar...)

• Cool new beauty line alert: Floral Street is a brand-new-to-the-U.S. line from the U.K. that was created by the legendary beauty exec behind lines like La Mer and St. Tropez. The bottles are insanely gorgeous, the company is big on sustainability, and the fragrances themselves are beautiful and unlike anything you've smelled before. My favorites: Neon Rose, a zingy fruity floral (with no actual rose in it!) and London Poppy, a light, fresh blend of orange blossom, lemon, and neroli.

• The fuzzy plaid packaging for the Tarte Fall Feels palette is so cute, and the shadows inside are really pretty.

• Wait. I'm dying. The new, studded matte black cup from Starbucks is now being resold for $100 online?!?! I actually bought one here in Delaware a few days ago, but haven't used it yet, so if anyone would like to pay $100 for it, it's YOURS! Lol. (I do love the cup though. But not that much...!)

• Your battery will thank me: Seven iPhone settings to turn off right now.

• Carly influenced me! I really, really want to start a little free library now...

• The Shawshank Redemption is one of my all-time favorite movies, so I adored this look back at why it's so beloved.

• For the last week, I've been absolutely captivated by a story on Instagram. Eva, the young daughter of had a freak fall off a golf cart two weeks ago and has been fighting for life in the hospital ever since. The prognosis has not been good so far. She's around the age of my own daughter, so it really hits home. Thinking of her often and really hoping they get some much-needed good news soon. 


Melissa Chapman said...

I am so bad I have not gotten any reading done this summer. I love Shawshank and can always watch it when it is on. I have to get to the stores for those sales.

Alli Smith said...

I love all the new books to check out. I read so much while I was on our 2-week vacation that I actually went a few days without reading. Time to get back to it.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I will have to check out some of these links. I love reading too and I'm always looking for new books.

Marysa said...

These are fun things to check out - thanks for sharing your list. Now that summer is over, it is nice to relax and do some shopping.

Unknown said...

Gotta love those sales. I have already shopped at GAP and saved a ton. Going to check some of those other links too.


Ruth I said...

Those are all spot on! It think those books has a amazing content and you will just never stop turning pages. Thank you, great recommendations!

Sarah Bailey said...

What a great round up of links. I have to say who doesn't love a good sale I totally need to check out GAP ASAP!

Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers said...

I wish that I had some extra cash to shop the good sales. My clothes are all so raggedy looking and I'm slowly replacing them. I could use a new pair of jeans soon.

I'll have to take a look at your book recommendations because I really need to stop and read for a few hours a week.

Kokoa Magazine said...

Oh I love a good sale thanks for all the links I will blame you on the shopping lol

Rika said...

I love checking out sales! I just bought some furniture from Crate and Barrel Labor Day sale. Awesome deal.

redheadmomblog said...

This is some great information! I love learning about the different sales out there. Not to mention saving battery life by turning off some of those iPhone apps.

samson said...

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