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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Coolest Spring Sunglasses

I love sunglasses. LOVE. (I mean, no surprise--I wear them in nearly every outfit post.) I have a huge wardrobe of them and love nothing more than scoring a new pair. So, I was thrilled when the eyewear fashion trend site Eyecessorize invited me to attend the recent Vision Expo trade show to view some of the new spring looks. I saw so much cool stuff--and sooo many shades that I'm now coveting. Here are some of the biggest trends you'll be seeing--and some of my favorite pairs...

Subtly Studded. I love me a good stud, and this season, we'll be seeing hints of tasteful studding all over eyewear. My favorite pairs? It's a tie between the two Balmain stunners below: the gorgeous blue pair (snatch them up here in brown or black) and the white ones with round studs dotted across the top (get 'em here). 

Girly Embellishments. Studs weren't the only decorative element to make an appearance. I saw everything from wood accents to lace to fur trim! But I went absolutely BANANAS for the honey-colored Ferragamo shades below with that adorable bow detail. It was very, very hard to walk out of there without them, let me tell you. (Find them here--and make me jealous!)

Cherry Red. There was a rainbow's worth of colored frames at the show, but my eyes gravitated right towards the bright scarlet ones. Though red is one of my favorite colors in general, I've actually never owned a red pair of sunnies. But I think it may be time. I loved how they looked totally modern and not at all Sally Jesse Raphael. (Is anyone reading this old enough to know that reference? Haha...) I especially loved the cat-eye Kate Spade pair below (find it here). Want. So. Bad.

Super Sparkly. I mean, how could this not be one of my favorite trends? We all know that I love a good glittery detail and shimmer was there in spades. I fell especially hard for these black Diane Von Furstenberg sunnies with their sprinkling of gold glitter (similar here), as well as the sequined tortoiseshell Bebe pair.

While I was there, I also got to play with some cool, non-shade specs. I don't wear prescription glasses  yet (but I can feel my eyes getting worse lately, so I'm probably close--oy), but when I do, at least I know now that there are some seriously cute options out there. Here's me having my Tina Fey moment with some clear frames and some ombre-colored ones.

So, tell me below: Which trend is your favorite? And, just for fun, I'd love to know: How many pairs of sunglasses do you own? 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Eyecessorize, but all opinions are 100 percent my own. 


Whitney said...

i am obsessed with sunnies too :) I have roughly 15 pairs, and Kate Spade is my favorite! She makes the best quality for the greatest price.. I HAVE to get these red cat eyes! I'm luck enough (not!) to wear prescription glasses, too; my favorite is Warby Parker who does the great "buy one give one" campaign and they are so on trend.

nancy said...

You look so incredible here! I love these pictures of you so much. And the sunglasses look amazing too.

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