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Saturday, October 25, 2014

17 Cool Things You Have to Click On Today

This week was super busy at work (one reason: that's just a fraction of the products we're testing for our beauty awards, above), but it ended on a fun note. Yesterday, I had a great meet-up with two of my blogger friends: PJ and Katie--two girls who I "met" through Twitter/blogs and I'm pleased to say are even more sweet and great IRL. Isn't it cool when that happens?

Today we're (finally!) having family photos taken, then meeting up with friends. But, first, here's a few things I found, loved, and wanted to share. Have a great weekend!

• These gold wine glasses might be the prettiest ones I've ever seen. Obsessed!

• Starting using this hairspray again this week for the first time in awhile. I forgot how much I love it! It's incredibly light (holds your style but doesn't feel like anything at all--no crunchiness or stiffness--plus you can brush through it easily). But the best part is the smell--it's AMAZING. You'll be one of those weirdos sniffing your own hair all day if you use it, I promise. So, so good.

• It's basically impossible not to laugh out loud at this hilarious, uncut video of Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper cracking themselves up so much that they can't get through even 15 seconds of an interview.

• I just bought this shirt in black plaid and I'm loving it. My favorite way to wear it is with black boots, skinny jeans, and a sparkly statement necklace. It's also cute dressed up with a skirt for work. It's such a good price, too, so I want to get it the navy/red one now. Ok, and maybe this one, too. (Bonus! Use the code HAPPY for 25 percent off of it--or anything else on the site--through TODAY ONLY!)

• Why every newborn baby you see on Facebook is wrapped up in the same pink-and-blue-striped hospital blanket.

• Such a gorgeous, and very different, dress. Love the red!

• I have a weird fascination with the Victorian era, so I am dying (heh, heh--pun intended) to see this exhibit at the Met.

• I've never been to Charleston, but Grace's travel diary makes me really, really want to go!

• This post makes me want to start collecting well-worn, well-loved vintage cookbooks.

• This homemade cookie butter looks INSANELY good. And makes me think twice about giving up sugar...!

• Great piece on the unfortunate sexualization of little girls' Halloween costumes. (I mean, can we all agree that toddlers don't need sexy firegirl costumes?)

• I always look forward to Dominique's Wednesday Wishlist. It's such a great mix of cool clothes, great home decor items, jewelry, and art--and I always want everything. This week I'm coveting the malachite earrings, the "bling" tray, and those sparkly emerald flats.

• Beautiful, heart-breaking story about a boy in the foster care system: "The Child I Didn't Adopt."

• Old Jews explaining Yiddish--cute!

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Illustrated some oh-so-frustrating (but funny!) beauty moments that make you want to cry.

• Pulled a fast one on a four-year-old. 

• Shared a day in my life for #OneDayHH.

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