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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Best People to Follow On Instagram: The Cool Moms {Part 2}

A few weeks back, I did a post on the best people to follow on Instagram, featuring five very cool moms. (So, if you haven't read part one, be sure to check it out.) Today, here is part two! Meet the mommies:

1) @balletbeautiful

Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina who teaches some insanely difficult ballet-inspired fitness classes at her NYC studio. Students include supermodels and celebs like Natalie Portman (she's the one who whipped Natalie into ballerina shape for Black Swan). Her Instagram is unlike any other--you get to see her striking, impossibly beautiful ballet poses, often with her adorable little daughter in tow, and often with incredible backdrops like Paris. (The Instas she took when pregnant are especially gorgeous.) 

2) @taylorsterling

I followed Taylor (founder of Glitter Guide) long before she had her gorgeous daughter, so I've long been a fan of her style. And now I get to be insanely jealous (in a good way!) of one-year-old Elodie's style. Elodie has better outfits than you and I, to be sure, but she's so cute that you can't help but be enthralled. I love seeing what both mom and daughter are going to wear each day--and then inevitably try to copy it in my own wardrobe. (P.S.: Here are her beauty secrets!)

3) @jennfalik

The only person on this list who I really know personally, Jenn is an ex-beauty publicist (that's how we met--many years ago) turned TV style expert. (You've likely seen one of her frequent appearances on the Today Show--she also has a blog!) Jenn has a daughter slightly younger than mine and is pregnant with #2. Her Instagram reminds me slightly of mine in that it's a glimpse at the two sides of her life: both the glamorous career and the slightly-less-glamorous (but, of course, even more important) mom side.

4) @mommasgonecity

If you're like 487,000 other people, you're likely following Jessica already, so I considered leaving her off the list, but it's such a great account that I just couldn't. She posts the most gorgeous pictures  of her four children (seriously--she is an excellent photographer), including almost-daily shots of her youngest son Beau napping all snuggled up with their dog Theo. (The napping pair went viral last year.) Adorable x a million.

5) @andreavhowe

One of the weirdest things about Instagram is that often you feel like you know the people you follow. (Does this ever happen to you?) This is one of those cases. I do not know Andrea. I do not have any friends that know Andrea. Andrea lives in California. I do not. Yet, she is so open and (from what I can tell!) real, that through her Instagrams (and awesome blog), I totally feel like I know her. I love that. She posts cute pics of her kids, the occasional outfit, and lots of healthy living/eating pics. She also runs the healthy-living/less-family-focused account, @gwynethmademedoit, which I also love.

6) @houseofharper

Caroline was a fashion blogger in NYC (and, after a recent move, is a fashion blogger in Texas), but I really started loving her Instagrams after she had her son Knox. Her account is a great mix of outfit photos (she has awesome style), cute pics of Knox, and shots of her out and about pushing the baby in his stroller (he's adorable and she always looks perfect. Caroline, seriously, WTF? Teach me your secrets!).  


Now, please tell me: Who are some of your favorite follows? I'm always looking for great new people to ogle over. Leave your favorites in the comments below! (They can be moms or not--I'll be featuring my faves from many different categories in the coming weeks.)  Also, please leave your Instagram name below--I'd love to check out your account!

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Jenn Falik said...

Thanks for the love, Alyssa! I already follow some of these ladies and now, off to find my iPhone so I can hop onto Insta and follow the rest. xoxo

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