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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On My Wish List

salmon and white

I can't with this weather, you guys. It's so cold, so slushy, so relentless. I swear, all I do with my friends these days is complain about how hellish it is and how we're thisclose to moving to California, Florida, or (in one case) Panama. 

Well, I've had enough. Today I'm going to imagine that it's a warm spring day...if only in my closet. I'm putting my foot down: No purchasing any more sweaters this season. It's going to be all bright, happy, sunny pieces going forward.

Like this pretty cross-body bag--it's so cute and it's somehow under $100! And nothing sounds better than open-toed shoes right now. I'm obsessed with these rose-gold slides and these adorable pom pom sandals. I want to wear them with this cool sequin miniskirt, and--and this is the kicker--NO TIGHTS.

Sigh. Spring, you can't come soon enough.

What is the weather like where you are? Are you stuck in this never ending polar vortex, too? Or are you one of those people I'm severely jealous of who is already wearing flip flops? Talk to me!



Jamie said...

I love those sunglasses!

Marie Novak said...

Love the bag and phone case. I can hardly wait until spring!!!

Unknown said...

The bag is cute. It looks like it has a long strap which is a necessity for me these days with four 4 year-old children! I need both hands free.

Unknown said...

That top is adorable! I will have to snatch it up for spring!

Nikki said...

What a great wishlist! I have a sift spot for Rose Gold I just love it!

Jhanis said...

Oh I love the necklace! Everything looks so beautiful!

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