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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How To Survive Being Snowed-In With Your Kids

As you probaby heard (after all, those affected tweeted about nothing else), New York City and much of the East coast got hit hard by the blizzard this past weekend. We got over two feet here (!), but luckily we never lost power. I've written before about just how much I suck at snow days with my kids, so this time, I spent all day Friday prepping for the storm. Then, once it arrived, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday cooped up inside with my husband and two bored little ones.

I learned a few things. Here's how to prep next time there's a massive snowstorm on the way.

Stock up on bottled water, flashlights, and batteries. Because having them will ensure you don't need them; while not having them will ensure the power goes out and you spend the weekend bored, drinking Gatorade, and walking around the house with a single Bath & Body Works candle for light. (For the record, I was prepared with a stash of four of these battery-operated lanterns, which came highly recommended.) 

2) Charge the iPads before the snow arrives. And then charge any external power sources you have laying around, too. (I swear by the Jackery. It's cute--I have it in gold, it's tiny so it slips easily into your purse, and it's on sale for $10.99 right now.) You'll need fully charged iPads (plus backup power), because unless you're a masochist, you're definitely going to let your kids go on an iPad bender during a snowstorm. Best case scenario, you'll just be stuck inside and that screen time is going to save everyone's sanity. Worst case scenario, the power goes out and you're going to be stuck inside rationing that sweet, precious iPad juice like it's gold. 

3) Load up your pantry with snacks. Just know that they probably won't be the right ones though. I got all of the things my kids usually love: Pirate's Booty, Goldfish, pretzels, fruit. Then, when we were actually stuck inside, they randomly demanded potato chips, which of course, I didn't have. If I were to do it again, I'd involve them in the process before I went grocery shopping and ask them for two or three snack choices they wanted to eat during the storm. Live and learn.

4) Scour Pinterest for cute and educational art projects for your kids to do while they're housebound. Haha. J/K. I'm way too much of a slacker mom for that. 

5) Make sure their snowpants and boots fit. It's best to do this in the fall, but if you're like me, you'll purposely procrastinate, thinking you could maaaaybe get through the season without having to buy these items, which they will end up wearing zero to two times. But nope. You always, always end up needing them. So you'll wait until there is an actual blizzard and your kids are standing by the back door ready to go out and play, before realizing...oh crap. I did have the foresight to buy my kids' new snowboots this year, but I flaked on buying snowpants. My size 6 daughter had to make do with last year's 5T snowpants that were about four inches too short, so she had freezing wet calves after five minutes outside. #momfail. This year, I bought these snow boots for my daughter, which she is obsessed with, and I now have these snow pants on the way. My son has Old Navy snow overalls and these boots. (Side note: I highly recommend Kamik Kids boots, like I bought my son, for any little kid around two or three. There is nothing harder than getting snow boots on uncooperative feet, but these open almost all the way, so they are simple to get on. They were also quite a bit cheaper than many other top-rated options I found. Win win.)

6) If all else fails, scoop some snow into a bowl, throw some sprinkles on it, and call it "snow ice cream." My kids actually fell for this! In fact, they loved it! And it bought me like 30 minutes of relaxing time! Snow in a bowl. Trust.

Were you in the path of the blizzard, too? Or have you been stuck inside with your kids for other natural disasters? What are your secrets for making it out alive? I'd love to hear!


Mollie said...

Snow. Ice cream. Filing that one away for when my daughter gets older. Hysterical.
My baby is only 10 months and we only got about 3 minutes of snow, but FORTS. I threw a blanket over the couch and a chair and it was a good thirty minutes of crawling in and out.

Unknown said...

Thankfully living in Florida blizzards are not one of the many things we have to worry about but rain days or hurricanes are just as bad. The best part is that I am a slacker who doesn't really do art projects either! Glad to know I am not alone LOL. We build a lot of forts, make cookies and other sweets and board games! Those are my life savers.

MrsPollo said...

Those Sorel boots are fab, checking if they come in grown-up sizes! We're down in Arlington, VA right in the path of the blizzard where three feet of the white stuff fell... five snow days later (not counting the weekend) it's all good, my almost 11 yr. old is outside playing with a herd of kids in our townhouse complex all day. It gets so much easier as they get older, but in a few short years she'll be "too old" to play in the snow and we'll be back to square one with a bored-to-death teenager. PS, love your snow in a bowl concept! ~ Janet

Unknown said...

YES!!! We live in North East Indiana, and while we haven't had as much snow in the last couple of years as I'm used to, I know what it's like to be stuck in a house with no heat, praying the cell will last until the power comes back on as the only means of entertainment for myself (this was BEFORE I had my girls). All your tips were SPOT ON especially number 1. If you prepare, it won't happen... if you don't, you'll wish you had.

Unknown said...

Hahaha. If all else fails, throw snow in a bowl, put sprinkles on it and call it ice cream. I've been that mom too where I'm cramming my kids into anything that resembles a snowsuit to get by. This year because we moved to Eastern Canada, I bought ours in the summer. Lol. This snow thing is utterly ridiculous. I must say.

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