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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Little Boys

holiday gifts for boys

Yes, I'm doing a little gender stereotyping here, but I can't help it--I'm going by what my little guy likes. (And he likes many different things! Case in point: This year, in addition to cars and space books, he actually asked for a tea set...! Santa is bringing him this one, FYI.) So, as you're shopping, here's some fun stuff that moves, fixes, or explores for your little dude. (Or little girl! I bet, she'll love a lot of this stuff, too.) 

{top row}

Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit - Again, no, this does not have to be just for boys. (My daughter loves it, too!) But it just happens to be one of my go-to birthday gifts for boys. It's good for ages 5 and up (but will interest kids as old as 12 or so), and uses common household items for the experiments, so it's not like you have to throw it away when the ingredients run out.

Bob the Builder RC Super Scoop - Your little guy can use the remote to make him go, dig, stand up, and do other fun things. You don't usually see remote-control toys that aren't race cars, so this is kind of fun and different.

Intelex Hooty Owl Warmer - This little stuffed animal is filled with calming lavender. You can warm him in the microwave to keep your kid cozy at night and help him fall asleep or insert a cold pack to soothe ouchies. (Also comes in purple!)

PlayTape Classic Roads Series - It's a roll of tape that looks like a street! So smart. Just run it down a hallway, through a bedroom, in a hotel room, wherever, and you've got an instant race track to play on. It would make a fun stocking stuffer. Or give it to a kid in a gift bag with a few Hot Wheels cars and boom--you're done.

{middle row}

Hannah Andersson Star Wars Holiday Pajamas - Star Wars characters as ornaments on comfy two-piece pjs. Too cute!

Black & Decker Jr. Mega Tools Kit - This is another go-to birthday gift for me. Little boys love it. Last time we gave it to someone, my three-year-old saw it and cried because he wanted to keep it. So they'll be one under the tree for him this year.

{bottom row}

Thomas and Friends 3-Piece Adventure Kit - This set is brilliant in its simplicity. You get a flashlight, a camera, and binoculars--all stuff that little kids love to play with--all emblazoned with their favorite character and all for just $20. So. Smart. (Even better: The same set comes in tons of other characters, too. There's Batman (and weirdly that one's only $10!), FrozenSpider-Man, and many more.)

Bug's World Real Insects Collection - My curious little boy it going to love this one. It has ten real insects encased in lucite, plus a magnifying glass to check them out up close.

Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster - Hard to tell in the photo above, but this is big. As in, you'd better have a yard for this one! There's a ride-on car and then there's a structure with a (very tame) roller coaster-like drop. Please don't tell my kids that this exists. (Note: The Hot Wheels one is the new, slightly souped-up version. This is the previous one that is basically the same thing--but it's over $100 cheaper!)



CourtneyLynne said...

Oooo so many fun gift ideas!!! Those coasters look like they would be a blast!!!!

TheJerseyMomma said...

I always love your cool choices and for some reason I always want one of the items for myself! Ha! This time I love that little owl. He is backordered but I am going to keep an out out to see when he come back in stock!

Stephanie said...

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andymichael436 said...
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