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Sunday, October 19, 2014

13 More Cool Things You Have To Click On Today

The New Yorker cartoon above made me giggle. It's available as a framed print here.

How's your weekend going? Mine's good, though not as relaxing as I hoped it would be (lots of running around with the kids!). But I did take a break to go out with some friends Friday night, which was fun. I also found some time to cook a healthy dinner (this easy coconut curry, which I ate over coconut cauliflower "rice"--so good!). And I have these paleo brownies in the oven right now! Cross your finger that they're as yummy as they look.

So, as promised on Friday, I'm back today with a rare weekend post! Found too many fun things this week and wanted to share them all. Enjoy!

• I grew up in the supermodel era, loved them all, but was particularly obsessed with Cindy Crawford. I maintained a binder with Cindy photos (this was how superfans did it before Pinterest, kids), recreated her infamous Pepsi commercial for my high school pageant, and even did an oral report on her for 10th grade English. (Eek--yep, obsessed is definitely the right word.) For years, I saw every photo and read every article about Cindy. So, I really adored this awesome interview with her. So much great stuff. She rules. #cindyforever

• Have you read this beautiful essay by Judith Newman about her autistic son's adorable relationship with Siri? Really great. 

• I really want these black-and-tortoise-shell bow flats. Such a pretty alternative to the standard plain-black pair.

• Loved Grace's roundup of party dresses and accessories. Now I just need somewhere to wear that gorgeous hot pink number!

• Is Kim Kardashian a digital genius?

• Why hadn't anyone thought of this before? And, OMG, don't you just want to try it right now? 

• This funny, gay-wedding-advice video is great.

• 7 questions all bloggers should ask themselves.

Just in case you've ever thought about applying sunscreen with your makeup airbrushing tool...don't. Here's why.

• A modern-day use of the barter system: Will Letter For Lunch

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Great list, as usual so many fascinating things to read and look at! Merci. xoxo

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