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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gift Guide: The 15 Best Gifts For Little Girls

Gifts For Little Girls

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Earlier this week, I gave you some holiday gift ideas for little boys. Today, it's the girls' turn. A few of the items I've highlighted here are things my daughter already owns and loves (the fashion book, Flipsies. Whiffer Sniffers, Fashion Plates) and others are things that she's going to find under the tree next week (Shopkins ice cream truck, leopard scarf, T-Swift ornament). The rest are on our wish list. And, now, hopefully yours, too. Here we go:

1) Shopkins Ice Cream Truck: If your five to nine year old daughter isn't obsessed with Shopkins yet, it's only a matter of time. This is one of the hot new Shopkins toys for the season. Someone actually stopped me in Target the other day and asked what to get for her friend's six year old daughter. I literally handed her this.

2) Whiffer Sniffers Bitsy Berry and Smore: Fashion girls have Fendi puff balls dangling from their bags, and the kindergarten set has these little food-scented guys. Some are sold in normal packaging, but the most coveted ones are only found in blinded "mystery packs," so you don't know what you're getting until you open it up. You open them, sniff them, then clip them to your backpack. (My daughter has three and wants more, more, more. Kids, man.)

3) Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit: Who else was obsessed with this toy as a kid?? I lived for it, so I was so excited to buy my daughter the updated version. She's had it for about a year now and absolutely loves it. It's become a go-to birthday party gift for us. 

4) Land of Nod Home Sweet Play Home Canopy: I've loved this thing forever, but I was actually planning on waiting to purchase it until my daughter's birthday. But it's suddenly, inexplicably on clearance and is now under $100! (Looks like the sale price is only going on through tomorrow, so RUN.) I just think it's such a sweet, pretty way for your little one to get some private reading or chill out (or time out?) time. (And while we're at it, how amazing would this one be for a boy's room? It's on major sale right now, too.)

5) Meri Meri Days of the Week Hairpins: Cute, right? I would totally wear these. Great price, too.

6) Taylor Swift Ornament: My daughter developed a serious affection for Taylor this year. (Case in point: Every night I tell her a story and her one demand is that it include TS in some way.) This ornament is perfect for the little T-Swift fan in your life. I love that it's wooden and handmade--not some cheesy, cheap piece of crap. And if you ask, the artist will personalize it for you!

7) Flipsies: Flipsies are a new line of electronic learning toys from VTech for girls ages four to nine. They're interactive and they say different things depending on how you dress them and which dolls and playsets you pair them with. They're also incredibly--almost strangely--affordable. (The set shown--Jazz and Drum Set--is $5!) My daughter got Jazz a few months ago and has really loved playing with her.

8) Crewcuts Leopard Faux Fur Scarf: I snatched this up for my daughter back on Black Friday, and right now, it's on sale again! (40 percent off with code SHOPNOW). It's stylish, supersoft, and has built-in pockets on the ends. It may be the first thing I actually borrow from her.

9) Kitten Print Pom Pom Hat: Love that this hat is cute--but not overly cutesy. Is it weird that I'd totally wear this myself?

10) Ultimate Fashion Factivity Book: My fashion-obsessed girl owns and loves this. There are TONS of games, activities, and stickers inside. Highly recommend for plane trips or rainy days!

11) Whimsy Tails Mermaid Tail Blanket Bag: Picture a handmade sleeping bag, cut in half and shaped like a mermaid tail. Now picture your daughter's little legs snuggled inside it while she watches TV or reads. So. Freaking. Adorable.

12) Emoji Watch: My daughter does not have a phone, but somehow, she knows about emojis. And for some reason, she absolutely loves them. So, even though she can't tell time yet, she'd adore this watch. And it's under $20!

13) Girl Scouts Cookie Oven: I was ob-sessed with my Easy Bake oven back in the day. This new version takes the idea, but specializes in making GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Back in the fall at a toy show, I tried some Thin Mints that had been baked in the oven. They were definitely not clones of the original boxed Thin Mints--the home-baked ones were much chewier--but they weren't half bad for being made by a six year old in what's essentially a plastic-and-tin box. I finished mine!

14) Clarks Pink Suede Desert Boots: As you may remember, I have a serious boot fan on my hands. Well, these are next our list. Clarks makes super high-quality shoes and I especially love the fun color combo of this pair. (They come in other, more neutral colors, too.)

15) Monster High Dolls: My daughter is a bit on the young side for being into Monster High, but she fell hard for them a few months back. Imagine a scarier, slightly skankier version of Barbie. There are A MILLION different MH dolls (rough estimate), but I'm leaning towards getting her one in the "Boo York" line (shown). For obvious reasons.

That's it! Do you have a little girl to buy for this season? What's on your list for her?

And, before you go, don't forget to check out my other gift guides. I've got the best gifts for little boys and book lovers, plus the hottest holiday toys and what's on my own personal holiday wish list this year.


Unknown said...

What cute ideas! I love the idea of an emoji watch. How cute is that?

Lumber + Grace said...

5-9 year old? Girl my TWO year old is obsessed with Shopkins! Lol! They really are cute but such a money pit!

Stefanie / The Monarch Mommy said...

Nice list! Love those little desert boots!

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