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Friday, December 2, 2016

14 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Standing in front of the White House (that's it way back there behind the barricades).

So, how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was good! We visited family in Maryland. Then, while we were there, we drove into D.C. to hit some museums and show my kids the White House. I really wanted them to see it before January. (I'm imagining gold-plated columns going up around that time.) It was a great day, but...weird. There's a palatably odd vibe hanging over that city right now. It feels very calm-before-the-storm. It's weird.

And then suddenly, we're in December. I mean, what? How? That means the holidays are just weeks away. I've got you covered for that though. I've already run one gift guide, and I've got many more coming over the next two weeks or so. Stay tuned. And get your credit card ready! ;)

Hope you have a great weekend! Here's a few fun links to check out in the meantime...

•  I just bought this sweater in two different colors. I love that it's long (so it's good with jeans or leggings) and that it's under $100.

• And I bought these shearling boots right before Black Friday and I am obsessed with them now. They are sooo comfy, and though they have a similar vibe to Uggs, they look way more polished and sophisticated. I got the Tobacco shade, but I really want another color now, too! 

• These AG Stilt jeans have been my favorite jeans for the past few months. They're really stretchy, so they're incredibly comfortable--they feel almost like leggings--and also very flattering. I just bought two more pairs! Make sure to get the ones that are 98% cotton, 2% poly.

This faux-fur vest is so. freaking. amazing. It kind of gives me a Kate-Hudson-in-Almost-Famous vibe, which is a VERY GOOD VIBE. Love.

Right now, you can get an extra 40% off sale items at Anthropologie . (I have my eye on this top, this turtleneck, and these booties.)

 This is my new favorite mascara. It makes your lashes super long, but also very defined--not clumpy at all. I actually lost my tube somehow and I'm crying. It's so good and I desperately need a new one now!

• I need a new workout top and this gold one is awesome. The fit is super flattering and I just love the cutout back.

• This piece really made me think. It's a plea for parents to have "Santa" give only small gifts to children--and have the big gifts come from mom and dad. The reason why will make you tear up.

• The real reason why you need to turn off your phone when you're on a plane. (Scary!)

• This tweet made me laugh.

• If you're a Hamilton fan, you'll love this #Ham4Ham performance of songs from the Hamilton Mixtape (which was just released today!). Andra Day's performance of "Burn" is particularly incredible--and, dare I say, even better than the original. (That one starts around 9:15.)

And in case you missed it, I...

• Picked the hottest holiday toys for kids.

• Highlighted the best cyber monday sales.

• ...And the best stuff from J.Crew's amazing sale. (FYI, the sale is now 30% off--still awesome!--with code SHOPGIFTS.)

• Shared a few holiday pics of my kids. (Cute, right??)



meech812 said...

The Alexander Hamilton mix tape is on my "Lust list!!" Your holiday photos came out great!

Unknown said...

What a fun way to spend a holiday weekend. Thanks for th gift guide. You found some great products.

Bree Talks said...

So many great gifts!!! and tidbits of information. Thanks for sharing! Going shopping!

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