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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

One of my favorite photos that ran on the blog in 2015.

It's fun doing year-end wrap-up posts. Not only am I reminded of posts from months back that I'd forgotten about, but looking at your blog purely from a numbers perspective, allows you to see what people really respond to. For me, it felt very reaffirming, because the stuff that you guys gravitated to--a combo of beauty, parenting, fashion, entertaining, home decor, and books--was the exact mix of this blog, so it feels like maybe, sort of, kind of that I'm on the right track? 

It also lets you pat yourself on the back a little. I constantly hem and haw over my traffic here (is it high enough? how can I boost my unique users?), so it's nice to remind yourself that there were in fact highlights. One of the posts below reached over 250,000 people on Facebook this year; another was featured on where it reached over four million (!!) in just a few days.

I hope you enjoy looking at this list (and going back to read anything you may have missed) as much as I enjoyed compiling it. In descending order, from #10 to #1, here are the top ten most popular blog posts that appeared on The Sparkly Life this year. Have fun!

10) Why Do We Care If Women Are Getting Their Hair Done After Giving Birth? - Remember when that story about women getting their hair and makeup done after having babies made the rounds?  (And then, of course, it shamed them.) Here's where I tell people to mind their own business and let those women be.

9) 10 Great Books to Read This Summer - I shared ten books that I read and loved earlier this year. (And, pssst--they make great winter reading, too!)

8) Beauty Secrets: Andrea Lavinthal - My friend, the fabulous (and hilarious!) People Stylewatch Style & Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal, shared her favorite beauty products, plus the awesome tips and tricks she's picked up over the years.

7) Monday Wish List - A few of the fashion items I was lusting after at the time. (I ended up buying that blue-and-white wrap dress!)

6) The 3 A.M. Struggle Is Real - This was one of my favorite posts I've ever written. (I lost track of the number of people who told me they had tears in their eyes after reading it!) It's #6 on this list, but in a way, it's really my biggest post of the year, because way, way more people read these words than anything else I've ever written on this blog. That's because, soon after it was published here, it was republished on the Today show's Today Parents site, where a few days after that went up in March, I found out that it had reached over 4 million people there! And then, just yesterday, I got confirmation that it held its own all year, and ended up being one of Today Parent's most read posts of 2015. Definitely a highlight of the year for me. Still waiting for my call to chat with Matt and Savannah about it though... ;)

5) Why Snow Days Are Like Being In Prison When You're a Parent - Thanks to a snowstorm, I was trapped alone inside my house for a full day with my bored kids and no cable. I survived to tell the tale. Barely.

4) The Lazy Girl's Guide to Outdoor Entertaining - I love entertaining, but I'm super lazy. And this post showed that the two things aren't mutually exclusive! Here, I share how to throw an outdoor party for basically zero effort. 

3) My Outdoor Space Transformation - I gave my drab, dreary outdoor space a major makeover with a few pillows and fun accessories--and I have the before and after shots to prove it!

2) 11 Cool Things To Buy Right Now - This became a surprise hit after it was picked up by Tend. A fun little roundup of some of my favorite things including this J.Crew sweater and this wallpaper, which is now hanging in my powder room!

1) "Why I Kept My Baby a Secret Until She Was Six Months Old" Not only was this my most popular post of the year on the blog, but it was my most popular post of all time. By a landslide. It actually went semi-viral on Facebook, reaching nearly 280,000 people there. I was floored. If you missed it, definitely check it out to see why my friend Nadine had to keep her baby a secret for several months. I (and many others) didn't even find out she had been pregnant until after the baby was born! (I really loved this story and am so happy so many people got to enjoy it!)

So, that's it! Which one of these posts was your favorite? Or did one of your favorites not make this list? Tell me below!

And P.S.: Here were your favorite blog posts of 2014.


WorkingMomMagic said...

I am obsessed with blogger round up posts... I totally missed that 3am post and I LOVED it! I do remember the baby a secret one... that was a great story!

Theresa said...

I love the look of these posts! They all sound really cool. Off to read them! :)

Krystal said...

Wow! I need to come back and read a few of those. I can't imagine keeping a baby in secret?!

Unknown said...

The baby secret one is a bit insane! I understand why, but MAN! I don't know I would be able to handle NOT posting ALL over social media! I loved your patio transformation one and the 3am one. I need to read some of the others too!

Unknown said...

Oh, this was fun! That snow day post cracked me up. I loved "DADDY CAME HOME" in all caps, HA! Classic. And that baby secret story...WOW. Just, wow. No wonder it went viral!

CourtneyLynne said...

Awwwwww how fun to look back!!! I remember your outdoor space transformation and loved it!!!

Mollie said...

I just love your blog! Your sense of humor about parenting makes me feel like it's OK to feel that way too! Happy new year!

Unknown said...

These look like some great posts! I'm bookmarking this page so I can read each one when I can. Looking forward to reading them all! Hope you & your family had a great holiday and have an awesome new year! :)

JLynnCorter said...

I'm going to check out some of these posts now!

Shann Eva said...

You had such an awesome year! Congrats on the Today show post and the post that went viral. I loved your space transformation, and I always love your list posts. You've got great taste!

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