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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids (That You Can STILL Get In Time!)

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Shopkins socks // Matchbox cars // tights // Shopkins ornament // Star Wars ornament // Mickey Band-Aids // brick silverware // Beanie Boo // Spiderman // superhero underwear // Goody elastics // Whiffer Sniffer sno-cone and banana // Lip Smackers // crazy straws // Trolls blind bag

Okay, slackers, I'm talking to you today. (And believe me: I include myself in this group!) If you still need to buy stocking stuffers for your kids, I've got you covered. Pretty much everything below will get here by Christmas for free. (Target has free two-day delivery if you order by 12/21. And then, of course, Amazon has two-day shipping with Prime.) 

I also tried to include a mix of items that are practical-but-fun and just plain fun, which is what I do with my own kids' stockings. (Personally, I am not into putting totally useless junk into stockings that will just get thrown away.)

Happy shopping!

1) Socks - I got my son this Spiderman set. There's also TrollsHarry Potter, and more.

2) Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars - I got my son this set. I'm planning to open the package, put two or three in his stocking, and then save the others for future gifts or plane trips!

3) Tights - Cat & Jack (Target's new-ish kids brand) has great ones. I got my daughter this LOL pair and this smiley face pair.

4) Ornaments - Each Christmas, I get each of my kids an ornament based on something they're really into that year. I figure it will be fun to look back on these as they get older! (It's also an easy stocking stuffer!) So here's some ideas if your kids are into Star WarsShopkinsSpiderman, or Disney princesses.

5) Band-Aids - I never seem to have enough Band-Aids in the house--and my kids get super bummed over a plain one. Go get a few cute ones! There's MickeyMonster HighStar Wars, and so much more. (These look like strips of bacon!)

6) Cute silverware - Fun flatware is such a simple little thing, but it makes meal time more fun and they get really excited about it! Here's some cute pairs with Star WarsMinnie Mouse, and Minions. My favorite is probably this Lego set--it's really cute. (This one, too!)

7) Mini stuffed animals - Cuddly, cute, and always welcome. Beanie Boos are huge with boys and girls; my son is getting this round Spiderman.

8) Underwear - My son actually asked for new underwear this year! He's getting Thomas, but onviously there's zillions of other characters and designs out there. And a multi-pack is pretty cheap.

9) Hair elastics - Useful and fun. And they don't have to be expensive. Just grab a pack of colorful elastics from Target or Amazon. My go-to brands are Goody and Scunci.

10) Whiffer Sniffers - Both of my kids are so into these now. They are cute little plush food-shaped characters that smell like whatever they look like. (So cookiebananasnow cone, etc.) Kids clip them on their backpacks and they are all the rage right now! 

11) Lip balm - Little kids love it--and they need it, too. The flavored ones are super fun. For kids, I love Lip Smackers or Pucker Pops. 

12) Crazy straws - Always fun!

13) Blind bags - These are little mystery bags that have a single toy inside. You know the type of toy that it will be (i.e. SplashlingsTrollsPlaymobil), but you don't know the specific one until you open it up. Kids love the surprise. These cute Shopkins blind "bags" are shaped like ornaments.

For more stocking stuffer ideas, check out last year's post on stocking stuffers for kids--that aren't a bunch of junk! And then, don't miss my other 2016 gift guides featuring the best toys, beauty gifts, gifts under $50, gifts for girls, and gifts for boys


Unknown said...

I think Santa is putting a lot of these items in the kid's stockings this year! These are all wonderful ideas!

meech812 said...

I'm all about that BB8 ornament! Good ideas.

Terri Grothe said...

I love the BB8 ornament.

Stephanie said...

One thing I added just yesterday was the color changing tablets for the bath tub. Our 4 year old loves those!

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